Dead Right

new poem

Talking with my brother,
and for the umpteenth time,
I am right. I feel great,
but then again, I happen
to have calculated when
we both die and he survives,
I kick the bucket much younger.
Then I tell him he should take
notes of what I say.

I can picture him,
asking me to come back from the grave
to remind him of the things I’ve claimed.
“At least this dead right note
you should take, nobody
ever returns.” He says,
“From all the notes I
should have taken, this
would be the most difficult to accept
in front of your tombstone.”
“So, you tell me you will
reconsider Flat Earth?”

Silly me, of course he won’t.

© ifyouplease 2021
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Nicoletta, surely not: I can’t imagine you believing in the flat Earth theory. Is it true? Or is there a hidden meaning here, in respect of expecting people to fall in line with our individual way of thinking?
Whatever, it is an intriguing read.


Hi Nic, I confess I am not a flat earther although I rule nothing out. I think that so many are imprisoned in their own locked minds that the coming global awakening is going to be catastrophic for many who are unable to accept almost all we have been taught is nonsense. I do not think we are going to have to wait too long either. Hold tight, it’s going to be a rough ride methinks. The poem is straightforward and interesting too. I still laugh at my dad who told me I was mad to believe in the afterlife… Read more »

It is!!! As you say, incredible times to be alive although I have often asked myself why I volunteered!
Should maybe have taken some more time among the moon eggs 😉

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The best argument I’ve heard for Flat Earth is that, if the earth were round, aeroplanes would have to continually dip their noses in order to avoid floating off into space.

LOL… but interesting…

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Amen, sister.

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