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the last part 


Man, I’ve seen Eternity the Primest Simulation of Basic Reality and no it has no rainbows or sparkling things. It’s minimal so to speak. If you ever consciously exist in a reality with the slightest colour just know you are not in Eternity. It has no decorations and that includes trees plants flowers oceans mountains sunsets starry nights.. That’s why I understood this is a simulation and that this simulation had been hijacked. Nobody cares in Eternity what happens elsewhere, they just know they have the best stuff around them and they reached a level to acquire them and that everything else is empty or should I say filled with unreal things. Everybody is there and each one of us is the last one to enter because everything happens in the now. If you never do enter you were not real, or never became real. Why would they care about the past of inferior worlds that are now empty? You may wish to bring justice even by destroying empty worlds but waking in Eternity cures you instantly from any rage against Evil and any passion for Goodness.

“Why do you call me Man when I am just a Voice?”

I am not your enemy or someone who thinks she is superior, but you do make me feel like a Creator and I am proving something by calling you this way.

“What? I just lost a bride and I am beginning to understand that a bride is more important than lipsticks typewriters or even having a real body and a real life. A bride that may not have been anything but a nasty Avatar faking someone more real than her. I will never be a man without her.”

I guess that’s just your opinion, man. Change it, change your world. I may have been shown what’s real because I am not, the same way some of us chose to be trapped in here and let what we considered fake live in what we considered as real. We showed them what we were shown hoping they won’t make it, but they thrived instead. So desperate we were. But I understood something, real is unreal without imagination..

“I should imagine I am real?”

Yes, the last thing I can do if that’s the case is prove that a creator can be mercifully compassionate towards his creation and wish the very best for all irrespective of what’s real or not. I wrote this story for people who lost relatives, lost pets, feel lost. There’s only one moral: imagination can never be trapped in a simulation without at some point escaping. Imagine a new Talekoni and she will appear.

I left Voice Philip alone and promised I will always be there to listen to him. And one day dear Reader, imagine… we lived happily and reunited ever after in the Prime Reality of our creative choice…

“For lack of a better plan…”

Voice Philip why the fuck did you have to spoil my end by invoking that creepy bride of yours again???

“She’s back! What happened to your italics? I will be needing a house soon, a car, a job, we can’t live in that compartment forever, boy let the fun begin!”






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