To a Bagel


Little puffy girdling bagel,

all lonesome in your see-through cradle,

what shall I smear across your navel,

peanut butter?

Some jam scooped up in a sturdy ladle

the size of a putter?


You’re incomplete and yet you fill

me fuller than a hotel bill,

far more than any wafer will.

On the table,

jam, in haste, begins to spill

and stick the label.


As I approach you with my cutter,

tongue abuzz and gut aflutter,

voices in me seem to shudder,

“No! Don’t kill!”

But I, my relish quick and thorough,

devour you still.





© Gammon 2020
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2 months ago

I don’t know what makes this poem so lovely but it is full of charm.

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

it has an erotic undertone but it is the first strophe that makes it memorable not the last.

I really could capture the moment ‘in your see-through cradle’ I could picture myself easily wondering the same things and describing as you have discribed it.

I think it is this connection with a collective appetite.

2 months ago
Reply to  ifyouplease

Cute -bagel just are – and these could be a fine collection. Charming indeed.

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