Western Society is Going to Collapse


The overdraft is plummeting to trillions and trillions.

Satanic banks are bloating into ruby-crowned leviathans

who clamp their clenching, flexing, metal-knuckled, hairy tentacles

around democracy’s and freedom’s fast-retreating testicles.

Murder-merchants, cardboard cut-outs, billionaire Don Juans

grace the White House. Up ahead glint grinning petroyuans.

In desperation, flares are shot into an Arab’s bonfire

right next to where a taunted Russian bear repairs his empire

beneath an evening sky that gasps with flailing thunderclaps.

Western society is going to collapse.


Lapdog Number One, Britannia, drunk on cut-price Buckfast,

slumps pissy-knickered, gutter-bound, unsure whose cock to suck first.

Her gang of dhimmis vie in tournaments of out-group preference,

in contests of unnatural, unnational, snivelling deference.

Her cuckold husband’s chained behind a chain of government roadblocks,

behind the road to Speakers’ Corner and a fenced-off soapbox

climbed instead by traitors shouting for Britannia’s murder

and for the banning of the miniskirt and bacon burger.

She shuffles round the White House, whining, begging for some scraps.

Western society is going to collapse.


Lapdog Number Two, Germania, crushed still with self-hatred

for some already-punished crime that half the world had aided,

thinks flattened cities strewn with children turned to smouldering carrion

and forty years encircled by a marching Marxist barrier

are not enough, and in a flaunting menopausal crisis

floods herself with rapists, paedophiles and fans of Isis.

Now she can’t walk to the bakery without her pepper-spray,

threatens anyone who moans it wasn’t like this yesterday,

pretends that nothing’s changed and downs another double schnapps.

Western society is going to collapse.


Young hearts that throb with creativity are poked like cattle

through a branding brain-machine that programmes them to prattle

at all the wished-for frequencies, to preen and propagandise,

to long for when the last strong, self-respecting, blond-haired man dies.

Such men are evil, after all. And national pride is rancid.

Those who disagree must all be vilified and censored.

Virtue must be signalled at each tiny opportunity.

Every nook and cranny must be stuffed with moral purity.

A class of clones (all Betas) quotes the slogans back and claps.

Western society is going to collapse.


Love is out of date. What counts is women’s independence.

Females are so strong and equal. Men must show repentance.

A woman’s place is in the boardroom like a proper doer

(not kitchens, nurseries, or down a mineshaft or a sewer).

A man must point out gender wage gaps using clever sidesteps

and lift up cups of herbal tea with non-existent biceps.

And if a woman slaps him, he can’t strike back and oppress her.

He mustn’t talk to women. They are not there for his pleasure.

And thus the birthrate plummets. Our collective backbone snaps.

Western society is going to collapse.


The wheels of evolution, for millennia, were spinning.

Now men are suddenly not men and women are not women.

Instead though, you can be a polysexual demigender

non-binary transfeminine queer masculine-of-centre

varioriented intersexual genderfluid

pan-demiflux agnostic Muslim neo-pagan druid,

convince your seven-year-old stepson he’s the same thing also,

pump him full of hormones, graft some titties on his torso,

then slice his little balls off and replace them with some flaps.

Western society is going to collapse.


The chasm through the middle’s cracking ever wider, deeper.

The left wall’s turned to rubble. Now the right wall starts to teeter.

On either side spring up the flags, the knives, the Molotov cocktails.

The clones are clad in face-masks and the workers shod in hobnails.

Magistrates fling patriots (rebranded now as “haters”)

into cages jammed with homicidal bearded traitors.

Beneath cathedral spires and marble statues carved in grand shapes

hand-grenades and acid hurtle through the concrete landscape.

The dice are long since thrown by now. There isn’t a “perhaps”.

Western society is going to collapse.









© Gammon 2020
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2 months ago

Hmm Strong words -all true 🙂

2 months ago

man I wish I could still give a fuck, but I do not and I wish I wasn’t glad I understood that people like me belong to another Hellas (aka greece ) (Grekistan is not my country) and another world. thank Pele (goddess of volcanoes) I have no kids as I would then have to fight despite the fact I wouldn’t give a flying fuck. (not exactly how I wanted to phrase the ‘wish’ part is an empty part, pointless but I’m having a beer still shocked by death around me since 2016.) you write very well mister. the bagel… Read more »

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon
2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

would he be able to say the same things had he been white Christian male politician?

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

says who?

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

unpatriotic libtards is the second best choice for the PTB, Robots is the first and Muslims the third. why did they call it android? a muslimphile brainwashed unpatriotic individual in love with his/her smartphone but rest assured when the new type of car is introduced and oil won’t be needed then the fourth runner will become the third choice. the confused angry nationalist who reminds me a lot of what happened to the frail sex during its emancipation. lol

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

gang rapes the victims if they are underage their parents suck big time, I say bring to justice not only the rapists but also the parents. in fact put them i n the same cell for a while.

yeah, that would do it. am I offending anyone’s precious liberal ideas here? there won’t be a liberal out there that would hate nationalism or right wing as much as I do, or racism.

free thinker

2 months ago

now about this:
Love is out of date. What counts is women’s independence.

Well what did you expect from western society? that’s not its failure (the emancipation of women.) Its failure was that it did it at the expense of poor white males to destroy both sexes. The eighties was a promising decade really but no, they had to fuck it up.

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

can you be more specific with what I should be more specific? (hope I phrased that correctly)

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

anger fueled women, didn’t see what was coming, they ended up working both at home and as employees, I guess the war machine did it while they had the boys fighting and being killed they used women back home. the male was either crippled dead or psychologically traumatized. think tanks that had to do with lifestyle and fashion shaped their minds in postwar period to help them forget keep them busy and move on and have more baby slaves. the 80s was a promising decade, most things were good enough for both sexes but it was only a matter of… Read more »

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