Fuck the Liberal Left


I used to think that you were there

to lift the working classes,

but now I see your heads jammed up

your own self-serving arses.

You see the world in black and white,

through dogma-curtained glasses,

so certain what the past is,

puking moral catharsis.


You believe in nothing but the rightness

of your own opinions

(the ones you sucked from globalist media’s

brainwash-droning minions

and share with Brussels bigwigs’

censorship-condoning millions):

Let’s home a billion Syrians

whether they’re killers or civilians!


Fuck the liberal left and their new Spanish Inquisition

as they famish inquisition, make it vanish out of malnutrition.

Fuck the liberal left, as they banish free expression,

establishing oppression while calling it progression.


You think you fight the system

and its ordered inequalities,

it’s just coincidence

your open-border migrant policies

reflect the world elite’s, Frau Merkel’s,

George “the Giant” Soros’s.

That’s the strident hypothesis

of the vibrant metropolis.


George Soros, he who claimed he’s just

a dollar-faced alchemist

ignoring social consequence,

wow, what a philanthropist!

What next? Will you proclaim George Bush

a hollering anarchist

if he offers the tiniest

assistance to your whining fest?


Fuck the liberal left! (’cause shouting “Racist!” ain’t an argument.)

Fuck the liberal left! (it’s just a child’s verbal armament.)

Waiting for some logic from a doctrine-mangled wrongun

is like waiting for a lap-dance and a hand-job from Kim Jongun.


How does it help the working class

to flood their cities with jihad

or brand them privileged racist filth

in need of political rehab

or tell them their concerns don’t count

’cause they couldn’t outwit a used teabag?

Mind you don’t end up kneecapped

or strung up from a streetlamp!


Just fuck off. This is Europe, it’s

the white man’s hard-saved homeland.

Would you harass Mongolians

if they preferred their own brand?

“Check your yellow privilege, Genghis!

Your empire, years ago, spanned

near half the world, so don’t stand

up when you piss, you understand?”


Fuck the liberal left, who tell you England’s Nazi Germany

and sermonise while foreign rape-gangs colonise your family!

Shoot down the Leftwaffe, that genetic anomaly

that waffles lofty homilies and tribe-deserting perjury!









© Gammon 2020
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2 months ago

Resist the Leftwaffe

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

I double checked to see if you’d used it above – steal away – words are free 🙂

2 months ago
Reply to  Gammon

Hoo bloody rah!! ha ha 🙂

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