Give War a Chance


Roll up for our slide-down-the-banister culture!

Roll up for our Rohypnol-canister culture!

Soap operas, happy shoppers, clock-card punchers, power lunchers,

convoys of Jonboys, call the jobless ‘bloody spongers’.

Comatose and plump, compliant plumbers never conjure

plots to come and plunder through the Commons with their plungers!

All we are saying is give war a chance.


Bureaucratic legions turn nations into regions

with white guilt obsessions over microaggressions

while paupers walk the plank from Titanic banks,

brains cleansed of all defection from political correction.

Censored information is modern education,

disoccidentation our moral navigation.

False-flag jihadist pawns planted on horseradished lawns

to sacrifice our freedom to the Rothschild fiefdom.

All we are saying is give war a chance.


Who took all the liberties, humanities, equalities?

Money-hearted oil-thieves in minuscule minorities

who feed the proles with glossy shite celebrities with cellulite,

glittering nonentities with merchandised identities,

as missile-priced facilities flatten all civilities

and blow to criminalities and silver-flashed fatalities

in cities full of hostages and offices where ostriches

quack privilege-blinded pieties of private-school varieties.

All we are saying is give war a chance.





© Gammon 2020
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