Don’t try to prohibit me from saying ‘whore’ or ‘slut’

if you can toss ‘tosser’ at any man you wish to cut

and hurl ‘wanker’ like a fast-castrating boomerang

at any bloke who doesn’t eat your sour and half-baked meringue.


You can fuck as many flesh-bags as your loins desire

and I can bash my balls until I’m singing in a choir.

Remember that the former is about as big a fuss

for you and every woman, as the latter is for us.


Don’t try to brainwash me by claiming all white males have privilege,

when architects and lawyers can be found among your lineage,

while tapping on your shiny laptop on your Italian sofa,

you champagne-liberal princess with the gumption of a gopher.


What kind of “liberal” sweeps a race of humans like a floor

and judges an entire fucking gender, then implores:

“Come, join our movement! Come, support us! We do not respect you!

You are our mortal enemy, we utterly reject you!”?


You sit there on your Persian rug that plebs will never touch

and whinge that Irish road-workers and roofers have too much.

Why do you never talk of class, but just skin pigmentation?

Have you never heard of positive discrimination?


Stop bleating on that racism is something only Whitey does,

to give yourself a self-congratulating, self-rewarding buzz.

If being white is such a crime, then fuck off to the Middle East

or Africa, where sexism apparently does not exist.


Why shouldn’t Europeans dominate their own continent?

You think the world’s a rainbow outside the evil Occident?

Why don’t you go to China or Japan, you loud-mouthed silly bitch,

and lecture Orientals about “Yellow Male Privilege”?


Don’t parrot gormless theories based on gobshite and not science,

that sexism is all one-way just like domestic violence,

ignoring how a judge will always pass divorce-wracked offspring

to their mother, even one whose heart could balance on a moth’s wing.


If any scrap of truth lies in your screeching, bawling rages

that bosses get away with paying women lower wages,

why would they clothe one single bloke in company white collars

if they could hire a swarm of chicks instead, and save their dollars?


Don’t sit there stirring two-faced rats around your frothing cauldron,

insisting that there’s far too many jockstraps in the boardroom

(but the number of perspiring men soot-blackened in a mine

or carting off your rubbish bins is absolutely fine).


Don’t tell deep-thinking women who disagree with Feminazis

that they’re imbeciles indoctrinated by a patriarchy

whose existence is as provable as that of Satan

and must embrace their victim status so they can awaken.


Some women are too strong to be a victim-complex-whiner.

How dare you claim to speak on behalf of everyone with a vagina!

How dare you tell people to be ashamed of their gender and ethnicity!

How dare you blame me for your underachieving, work-shy talent-scarcity!


Stop excusing cultures that the white man hasn’t shaped

where women wrapped in curtains are flogged for being raped,

cultures where small girls are forced to be somebody’s missus

and priests with cutlery slice off young ladies’ clitorises.


Stop defending cultures where girls remain illiterate

to prove your anti-racism, you festering great hypocrite.

Stop applauding cultures where women can’t drive cars

and would perish in a shower of boulders if they burnt their bras.


Stop telling me the white man is the source of every misery

as though you have the faintest clue about non-Western history.

Stop telling your boiler repairman that he’s standing too near the front.

Just kill yourself, Feminazi, you privileged middle-class cunt.









© Gammon 2020
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