Searching for Ludo

He went away on the 2nd of March. My wife and I are still prone to tears. A great soul has he.


It will be three weeks tomorrow since I last saw him:
Last felt his giant paws touching my fingers,
Heard his purring as I stroked the top of his head,
And caught his big yellow eyes staring into my soul.
He had been looking a little less polished of late,
Just an impression I had when I brushed his fur.
Perhaps it was a sign that things were about to change.

Every night – as I prepare for sleep – I visualise him
And send out thoughts for him to be happy and well,
You don’t know what you’ve got until it is missing,
And Ludo is missing from my life – big time!
I can never replace him, you know. Not ever,
First I’d never find another gentle giant of a cat,
And secondly, well, there can only be one Ludo can’t there?

Sometimes, when I am sitting at my desk, I see –
Out of the corner of my eye – a shape I think is him:
He had a habit of walking around my legs while I worked.
It was a sign that he was hungry – mainly.
You see, he didn’t talk much. His presence said it all.
His big eyes would look at me and I would know –
Mostly – what it was that was going on in that head!

He was sixteen years old – ninety in human terms.
You’d never have known it: he was still catching mice
Even though, when he was still, you could see
His body heaving as he struggled with breathing.
Bless his beautiful, loving, tender soul.
I know I did the right thing: the most humane.
I stroked him and told him I loved him…

As he gently slipped into eternal sleep.


© griffonner 2020
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5 months ago

I saw your prose piece about Ludo and assumed he was a dog. Then I started reading this, realised he was a cat, and perhaps absurdly, cried all the way through it. I’ve always had a soft spot for cats. Much more so than dogs. Some cats actually seem human to me in various ways, and it sounds like Ludo did for you. I don’t know if you believe in paranormal things or an afterlife at all. I do, and there is a tendency towards Spiritualism in my family. Here is a section of a letter written to me four… Read more »

 <span title="Pro Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: red;">***</span><p>

5 months ago
Reply to  griffonner

I’m glad you’re open to the prospect of life after death. Many people have reported unexplainable things to me over the years, and I have no reason to think they are liars. I certainly wouldn’t consider my aunt and uncle to be liars. Something happened to me when I was twelve, which I didn’t mention to anybody for many years. In our house we also had cats, and when they died, we also buried them in the back garden. Not long after one of them had gone, I was sunbathing in the back garden, when I felt a furry tail… Read more »

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