New American Century


New Pearl Harbour! Well, fee fie fo fum,

I smell the vile scheming of neocon scum

bombarding with their bottomless money-bags,

their aerodrome dreams and battle drum,

flogging dead dinosaurs with false flags.

The plan to plunder the hornet’s nest

is blaring out in black blatant text:

New Pearl Harbour! Now punt those hornets

into the bushes of the green, pleasant West!


Come, chemical weapons, wipe out Great Britain,

sacrifice the Saxons, kill the Celts!

Hold your hands out, they’re about to get bitten

by Titans who won’t tighten their burly belts.

The Kings Road roasts, the Royal Mile melts.

Lie down, Thames lion, as tame as a kitten.

This new century’s already been written.





© Gammon 2020
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