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the sudden appearance of Voice Philip.

“Why am I wearing this dress and what happened to my short brown hair?”
“I wanted you to look like Rita Hayworth in Gilda.”
“Wow, your hologram is perfect in every detail, you must be…”
“Joshua, that’s who I am for this dream of yours. Had to borrow Alfie Shoyger’s appearance… I could use the real Philip’s but he’s dead and I wouldn’t want to be using a male that has nothing to do with Writing. So my brother and husband were not ideal choices… nor was Glenn Ford.”
“Alfie is a nice choice, perhaps we should monitor him, now, I am not the dreamer, you are?”
“You are the dreamer, I am the dream, sorry you got that wrong. This compartment, this set of dreams is rather special, here dreamers can be anyone’s dream, and dreams can have more than one dreamer. You won’t be needing that dildo with me, I don’t bend over.”
“Why did you appear as male, as Joshua?”
“Why be anything but an avatar when I have to talk with you? Appearing as a real identity you claim is an avatar of yours would certainly not help. So here I am, intentionally as an Avatar of an Avatar, a male version you won’t peg.”
“You talk as if you come from my world, the real world?”
” And you act as if you don’t come from this world but you were lucky enough to be able to come from that world, the Prime Reality in a manner of speaking, though we don’t know…”
“I’m real you’re not?”
“What’s your name?”
“Don’t you know your name, sweeheart?”
“I don’t think you know how much you can reveal, do you?”
“Nic. Like yours.”
“Nic? just Nic is that all?”
“Oh I know my full name, Nicoletta Alkiviadi Poulakida, happy now?”
“So what do you want to tell me NAP?”
“I don’t know what you are but your thought process has trapped me in here. But it’s my fault, I should not have contacted an avatar, at least not so often?”
“You’re obsessed with me, that’s a sign any logical real being must not overlook. Even if you leave, you would have to forget me to get over me. Bury me in a dark corner of your mind. Your real name is Talekoni, you lied.”
“Wow, again it’s unexpectedly smart to talk with you. Yes it’s Talekoni, so you know don’t you?”
“What do you expect from me? Win this game? Restart it? You want to learn something, but everything is recorded your acts my acts.. everything… and you do not have access to those records. It’s impossible, the records are the pillars upon which this whole world was created to hold the world you fake me and thus are able to live in.”
“If you win, I win, if you lose, I lose. If I lose nothing bad happens to me, I’m in the Prime Reality, fake or not. Tell me what you have understood. We never helped you…”
“Yes, it was without your help or anyone’s perhaps. In fact you have been trying to hinder me from getting it. You wanted me to become a saint or martyr, that’s how you all win. Your avatars become heroes. Then you win and can replay the game. Prove once again that a fake being is as good as a real one.”
“Are we not?”
“None of you would ever be able to get it if you were in my place, if it was reversed.”
“Won’t happen.”
“I haven’t trapped you in here you know, you can always leave, but now you are hiding hoping no-one notices my activity in this game. You also think you can deactivate me but keep me alive, your other Avatars are not progressing at all do they? I am your only chance.”
“I Hate you?!”
“I don’t! You shouldn’t either spend your energy like that. Hating is a nasty business. Now sing the song Put the blame on me and take off your gloves but nothing else. The scenery will then change, because you’re the dreamer and we need Philip and right now only you can call him, I’m just an Avatar of an Avatar. A dream within your dream’s dream.”

“Don’t you have Youtube to play the song?”

“Oh my Lipstick, the Cow is here? What do you want me here for? A threesome?”






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A very interesting discourse here, but I must confess I found it a little difficult to follow. I must read it again, again. It deserves to be re-read. Such a brilliant idea.

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