Tae a Bagel


Wee pluffie gustie girdlin bagel,

aal lanesome in yer see-throu cradle,

whit sall ah sclatch athort yer navel,

peynit butter?

Some jeelie howked in a stuffie ladle

the girst of a putter?


Ye’re nae that hale an yet ye fill

me fouer than a hottle bill,

faur mair than onie perkin will.

Upon the table,

jeelie sterts tae swipper spill

an clag the label.


Is ah approach ye wi ma cutter,

tongue abizz an thairm aflutter,

vyces in me seem tae shudder,

“Dinnae kill!”

Bit ah, ma relish swith an thorough,

gilravage ye still.









© Gammon 2020
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2 months ago

Super! More!

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