Birthday Musings (April 2018)


So now I am thirty-eight years old. And, not for the first time, I am having to rebuild my life from scratch. I will do this by leaving the culture I grew up in completely and moving to a significantly different one which, surprisingly, is only a few hundred miles away and on the same continent.


So how do I feel about Western civilisation? I feel that basically, as Gandhi is purported to have said, “it would be a good idea”.


In more detail though, how do I actually feel about the culture in which I have grown up and spent almost all of my life?


It is a culture which has made me thoroughly miserable. It is a culture which has alienated me and made me extremely lonely. It is a truly unnatural, perverse, sick culture which encourages men to be weak, servile eunuchs with no self-respect and women to be selfish, heartless twats who are vastly more concerned with their own independence than with finding love.


It is a culture which seems to be deliberately driving men and women away from each other, encouraging the twisted, sick notion that they don’t need each other, when obviously cooperation between men and women, and the fact of men and women caring about each other, is the thing that has enabled humanity to evolve and progress and not go extinct.


Am I exaggerating? The birth rates of Western nations would suggest not. The result of this oh-so-wonderful independence (in other words selfishness) is that the Western birth rate is below replacement level.


Our governments’ response to this is to flood our cities with immigrants mostly from a certain culture which is incompatible with, and often outright hostile to, our own.


Western civilisation is sinking rapidly. It is following in the footsteps of the Roman Empire. It is a degenerate, arrogant, complacent, careless, myopic, self-destructive culture.


It has affected me on a personal level in an extremely negative way all through my adult life. It is a society which alienates me. It is a society whose workings I cannot understand, which do not make any sense to me. It has always been this way, for as long as I can remember.


I do not understand how it is possible for babies to be born at all in a society where men are discouraged from approaching women, and where women are rude and sneering and arrogant towards men who do so, no matter how polite or charming he may be.


Regarding British women, I have no idea where this feeling of superiority comes from, this arrogance, bearing in mind that most British women aren’t even pretty. They are plain as fuck. And their personalities are ugly as sin.


Also I do not see how it can be natural for a society to be full of people who are obsessed with their careers, when the vast majority of jobs that people do are mind-numbingly dull.


I am not in the least bit interested in what people – either male or female – do for a living. Unless you belong to the tiny minority who actually have an interesting job, that is to say you are an artist, a writer, a musician, a film-maker, or a journalist who actually reports on important subjects and with integrity, something like that, unless you are one of these suchlike massively outnumbered people, then I will have no interest whatsoever in your boring fucking job. And yet people talk as though this is the most fascinating and impressive subject that could ever pour forth out of their droning, smug mouths.


I want to know who you are as a person, how you feel about life, what you think of society, how you deal with society, what your true desires are, whether you possess empathy, whether or not there is a drop of genuine love anywhere in your soul. That’s what interests me. Not some tedious report on the promotion rivalries raging in your poxy little office.


I am equally unimpressed, Western society, by your phony declarations of moral superiority. I don’t give a flying fuck how not-racist, not-misogynistic or not-homophobic you are, no matter how extraordinarily frequently you ram it down my throat, no matter how much you decide to be offended on someone else’s behalf by all manner of trivial things that aren’t even offensive. More often than not, your outlandish expressions of virtue are accompanied by sickening hypocrisy and double standards.


It’s incredibly ironic because when these paragons of moral virtue are actually faced with a real human being in a desperate situation and in desperate need of help, do they help? Do they care? Do they even listen?


Do they bollocks.


In short, Western civilisation, I hate you. I hate your governments, your authorities, your fake values, your hypocrisy, your arrogance, your mass media, your education systems, your police forces, what remains of the once-great culture you have destroyed, and also, to be perfectly honest, large numbers of your people.


Just fuck off, Western civilisation. Seriously. Get fucked. Seeing as how that’s what you’re doing anyway. Get totally and absolutely fucked, as that’s what you want. I’m leaving you. And my only regret is that it’s taken me thirty-eight incredibly frustrating years to do so.





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