Creating spasms

incoherent raw rant not for religious optimistic people

We are perhaps healthier than the being or the circumstance that created variations of time, and perhaps time in space of timeless space where there is no space of this and that space just spastic space spastic time, no matter how lost we are in its variations. A mad scientist suffering from senility would meet the criteria. And we those of lab rats running in a variety of wheels. Of course an explanation will be provided which will leave us speechless, all time has been had to find one whereas we – while running – had 1 to 75 mini years.

We are either healthier or a cure cannot be found and we represent the die off of each millenium. they/ it /he /she or whatever failed big time. we should name ‘god’ Big for this reason. But we must forgive in order to be forgiven, and wait, is it a matter of forgiving and understanding and trusting the plan?

wow, we are fine. only something sick would create anything in order to let it vanish into nothing if it was unable/unwilling to forgive its creator to avoid the prospect of  nothingness or unworthy of trusting the plan for a few more eternities.


creating forgiveness. nice try “Big” ……




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Nic, I understand where it is coming from (perhaps!) and I will never contradict. Your own interpretation is always, always right for you. I mean who is the liar who says the glass is not half empty, it is…so the question of right or wrong ceases to exist…the onus is on the persons who see what they want to see…and about names Nic…what is in a name…you seek the help of pronouns or adjectives, it really doesn’t matter. A sane individual has to see what works for him or her..that’s it. Only half-intelligent people think of definitions such as agnostic,… Read more »


Sometimes we forget what it is that is in the half empty part! 😉


Thank you for this. It is always interesting to see how others view this aspect of “42”. I myself have had seventy-six mini years, and have – at the moment – come to the conclusion that our ego prevents us from conceiving that our personal purpose, our prime personal objective, may have happened in the 441504000th second of our time – and we can no longer remember what it was that happened at that moment, or who/what it changed/affected/taught/et cetera. I think a major one of mine came at around the 20th year, when I had a very personal experience… Read more »

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