Three 50-words mini-tales

I am a man of few words.

Kissing a frog

The princess had been told she may have to kiss a thousand frogs before finding a prince.Ā 
She wanted to get married soon as she wasn’t getting any younger but hesitated before attempting to kiss a frog wondering whether to osculate an amphibian was a breach of the royal protocol.


The Publishing Deal

The author was pleased with the publishing deal he had been offered; twenty pence per word was an adequate sum, he thought. He was known as a prolific writer and he would be rich in no time.
Got pen and paper and began. Wrote 50 words and got writer’s block.


The Quiet American

They called him the ‘quiet American’. Not because he was passive but because he was reserved.
He was a man of few words; just enough to communicate. So he kept his own counsel most of the time; spoke when spoken to and only in short sentences. He knew his limitations.


Ā© Luigi Pagano 2018

© ionicus 2020
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Three good ones Luigi did you just do these or are they from your files
If its the former I am very impressed


i think the first one is indeed impressive.


I like the second one too, Luigi. Very droll.

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