When We Were Kids

The cutting edge.

When we were kids
we didn’t worry
that If we did wrong
had to say sorry.

We ate cornflakes
or Coco Pops
and then played
robbers and cops.

We practised tennis
hitting the ball
not on a court
but against a wall.

We threw darts
at a wooden board,
we read a lot
and were never bored.

Our drink was milk
in coffee mugs;
although vivacious
we weren’t thugs.

Played on the beach
with bucket and spade
and didn’t wield
a lethal blade.

The cutting edge
of everyday life
was not a weapon
but a kitchen knife.


© Luigi Pagano 2020


© ionicus 2020
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interesting last strophe and very well written in general.

yes lots to think here about the days we were kids….



Ah ha! Love it! How true. (‘cept I played with gunpowder and weed killer rocket fuels – but I never once planned to blow anyone or anything up!) 🙂

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