Pussies Galore

My daughters told me
that I wasn’t right
when I said that Toby
was black and white.

He had one grey hair
but apart from that
(they assured me)
he was a black cat.

That day my brain
must have been foggy
and I mistook him
for another moggie.

What I remember
is that he was frisky;
Perhaps I was thinking
of one called Whisky.

I have come across
many pussies before
but of them I recall
only three or four.

There was Oedipus
and there was Psyche
who licked a cactus
that was very spiky.

The remedial action
performed by a vet
was something that
he would never forget.

Another was Oscar
who I once saw
opening a door
with his right paw.

I like all animals
but instead of a dog
my preference is
for a fluffy mog.

Β© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2020
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Luigi on my iPhone this reads quite strange. Are the different sized fonts deliberate? I think I should read this on my laptop to compare

I do like this little poem it reminds me of all the daft things my two cats did but we had a dog at the same time and he was always bottom of the pecking order even though he was about ten times their size

I must admit I prefer dogs these days even though I like cats. Perhaps it’s because I am getting older and like something that shows me respect


Just checked my laptop and now it looks perfectly normal. Clearly UKA doesn’t come across to well on my iPhone


checked my tablet it looks the same as on my laptop.
a dog person that doesn’t dislike cats but would never have one, I tried to befriend a cat when I was a child and he was very aggressive. generally dogs even stray ones are so far friendly with me but cats always avoid me or even chase me and my dogs!

there is something I am trying to understand here, these names, the cactus stanza. I have to think and reread.

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