Timeless Sleep

on the regressive path to an earlier self


If, when turning in at bedtime,
recollecting ancient memories keeps me floating
for awhile within a pleasant childhood scene,
and, once again, effectively quietens
the day’s hand-waving demons,
enabling me to slip into states
of oblivion and dreams;
if, when there,
asleep in my infant bed,
my visions, my thinking, my inner voice,
should cease to speak, my last breath expire,
if I should never be aware of anything ever again,
would that small boy have died disappointed,
or as proud as he is now?


© Gothicman 2020
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Goth, this is so much close to me. Very well written, as it were. It seems we cannot rid ourselves of this regressive path, we feel lost without it. It has happened with me so many times, especially when I go for my long walks, that although I am walking forward on the outside, but in my mind I see the child walking backward. It is so fascinating. almost intoxicating to be with the child that is dead outside, yet so much alive and fresh inside! And we have all seen this gate in our dreams for sure. A good… Read more »

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