Nothing but a Soppy Song

closer to reality


In the dentist chair
no new ideas were perching on my eyebrows,
only things to be recalled.

    ‘When I was nine
    a crimson wristwatch was given to me
    by my father
    who died one morning at nine o’clock,
    two months ago.’

There’s no anesthetic
for what goes on in a patient’s soul.

A cell phone rings,
its ringtone is Louis Armstrong’s
“It’s a wonderful world”

Which may never have been a favorite tune,
but a reminder,
perhaps for all,

a declaration of best intentions

and colossal expectations destined to echo

    – in my opinion

as nothing but a soppy song.

II. two years later, ringtone changed

Nobody’s alone in thinking we’re alone,
that any route is solitary from birth to extinction.
We are here connecting paths,
remembering passages to glades.
Wanting to be loved again and again,
exclusively, with intense, in and out of rarity,
welcomed on the island without name, a maze
of blindfolded dilemmas, feeling weary
and strange in need of a holiday.


I have a better ringtone,
but it’s not for phones,
it’s as sad as snow falling
on a white dog lying
dead in the middle of a road,
as a tornado hitting your home.

I have a better ringtone,
but it’s not for people
that cannot stream it
throughout their lives
as they’re doing other things,
or making love.


Hush and turn 180 degrees.
A good bridge depends on

knowing both sides.
Make yours sturdier than

The Rock of Gibraltar

Αs if it’s made for Titans,
or someone followed by

a legion of relentless arguments.
Εxpect the specters of your minds

to unfold their powers, then

reach each other’s hearts and
send them to hell, where they belong.

       Athens, 2016 – 2019

© ifyouplease 2020
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