Qui bono.


I have tried to reduce,
To cover my footprints,
The wind turbine, the solar panels, the compost,
But today, stuck in traffic,
Ashamed of my one man commute it hit me fair between the eyes and I started to fold,
It has finally occurred to me,
The only way I can help you Greta, really help is to go
And so, today, after work, with some responsibly sourced rope I will carbon neutralise.

© Buschell 2023
UKA Editor's Pick!
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Logical, amusing and tragic at the same time. We won’t be seeing any more of you, then?
Au revoir, Nemo.


It has to be a responsibly sourced rope. I would suggest jute as it is biodegradable.Don’t leave your footprints behind though.
A good acerbic point.


To burn or to bury, that is a conundrum. CO2 vs Ground Pollution. Better to stay with us and support the Swedish lady in waiting.

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