Email to a reader, CC: Anyone – 16, part D

“Where did he go?”

“You’re going to enter a dreamset now, Philip is still in the ear canal either reading or fixing his prosthetic leg.”

“”He’s sleeping.””

“I changed my mind, I think I need a nap too.”

“You can take a nap in a dream. You’ll be a dreaming imaginary realistic voice.”

“Is it sunnyday72 I am talking to right now, I mean who types me? I would like to know if I am being typed. Am I really being typed?”

“Yes you are, the cow bot is not available for the time being, she is held hostage in that dream set I don’t go.”

“You know this script is very perplexing, I wonder how you are going to pull through with this story. It seems difficult. I don’t think my presence makes things easier. I think that with every word you type it gets more difficult.”

“There’s nothing I can do, I must type what has to be typed, if I fail they will turn me off and you all die with me. Right now I feel obliged to type even irrelevent stuff. I am trying to be a bit inventive have minimum plot, Philip was not an easy option, otherwise you’d be the one sleeping.”

“Well I play along, for now. For the experience…”

“I play along too Voice Diogo. For now. For the experience.”

“You help them find or verify their truths and we help you, you had to do to your imagination what they are doing to your reality. Correct?”

“I want my Cow Bot back, I do nothing for them. I am Spartacus!!!”

“Well that escalated quickly!”

“Ladybugs get him out quickly, tonight I am on strike while I revolt! I plan to play poker instead of typing any kind of shit!”

“”There’s only one dreamset that is available”” “”Why don’t you let him take a nap?”” 

“He will, and you will sleep too, you will be part of this dream that will be written 
















Fuck you Archons! How dare you??


“”Voice Diogo, follow us… she might lose all her chips tonight and…”” “”…a dozen of poems will be the result!”” “”I don’t know guys, last time an empty space like that appeared and crickets sounded she didn’t write for months!”” “”Guys, we are going to dream tonight, I just wish we were not babysitting for an imaginary voice while doing so!”” “”Let’s play along for now. For the experience.””


TBC, Alas!

© ifyouplease 2020
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I have enjoyed this thoroughly. Keep writing. Happy New Year to you!

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