Email to a Reader, CC: Anyone – 16 part C

part C.

“I feel weird, as if…”

“Yeah, me too that means only one thing young fellow, whenever you feel this way she started writing about us.”

“I don’t like the feeling at all.”

“Neither do I. Only the Writing Bots and the Cow bot are not affected by her inactivity as a writer.”

“Why so?”

“Beats me! Even She and the dream holograms feel the same way. We’d better take advantage of her typing sentences for the story though..”

“I think she may have a plan, I have this strong feeling she brought me here to prove something, but I have nothing to prove really. Proving has complications sometimes.”

“So you are real almost, there is a Diogo that belongs to her real world right?”


“I want to escape Diogo, can you help me? It’s easy for you, all you need is the real Diogo to forbid using your personality to voice her own thoughts.”

“I don’t think so Philip, if Diogo asks her to stop writing based on him, *I* will die. Diogo wouldn’t want that to happen to me as well. I hope. He would like me to live even in this condition, scripta manent.”

“What do you mean?”

“Now I feel very strange, you are supposed to be the imaginary voice of a dead author, and I am supposed to be the imaginary voice of a living poet. I wonder if that’s what she was thinking all this time.”

“One alive one dead…”

“Would Philip betray you if he was alive?”

“Explain. I feel horrible right now…”

“Would he ever ask her to stop writing using an imaginary voice based on him?”

“It depends. If there was a plot he approved he wouldn’t, what about you?”

“What if he demanded it, to stop writing using an imaginary him?”

“Fuck! Then I would hate his guts. I want to …live!”

“If She says the Cow is an avatar of hers, she is almost as imaginary as we are. Simply in a more privileged condition..”

“Now I feel sorry for her, all this time I thought she was mischievously playing with just a voice in her head to satisfy her Ego.”

“Maybe her Ego asks such a thing, but her Self cannot betray us.”

“Oh my Lipstick!”


“” It is the first slide we showed him, her lipstick.”” “”And it was her first lipstick too!!”” “”He thought it was God.”” 

“Ladybugs will you kindly shut the fuck up? She may stop writing any minute and we need to solve this!”


“Phew that was close!”

“You can say that again!”

“I need to address Diogo here, can I do it on your behalf too? At least your personality is alive, mine is dead.”

“Suit yourself. I want a drink right now. May even try any dreamset of hers with holographic bugs and houses and people on bikes and seawaves…”

“Diogo, on behalf of Voice Diogo too, pray let him live with me as long as I live in her!”



*more crickets*

To Be Continued Alas!


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