like revenge, is a dish,
that, when served cold, should be
sent back to the kitchen, where the afflicted
had ill-prepared it!



Envy of the good fortune of others:
their inherited privileges,
their bequeathed, or hard-earned possessions,
their successes and rewards,
their perceived happiness,
their jolly disposition, their cleverness,
their contentment with everyday living,
facing trials and tribulations
common to all,
          is a terrible affliction to bear,
especially when applied surreptitiously,
for it curdles blood green,
keeps the afflicted glaring askew:
at reason, attitude, judgement, and opinions,
it forever thereafter, brings that destructive
resentment that eventually sours friendships,
causes life-long grudges and leads to
long-term estrangement;
and when group envy silently mobs,
shuts out an individual, it can lead
to depression, to isolation suicide.
          Envy then, is a coward’s trait.
The envied are willing to help people
struggling with their lives,
those ill-fated by bad luck, those
unfavourably blessed in Life’s grim lottery.
But, the envious who came into this world
with nothing, and ventured no further,
seldom bothers them;
the envious who, though sound in mind
and body, never made a fight of it,
who missed their opportunities,
who wasted their potential,
who remained greedy or lazy,
who realised too late so bitterly,
          Life, is what you make of it.


© Gothicman 2020
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