The Other Side – Chapter 10 – Neh wenako

A summer storm begins and Izzy feels ill and confused. Is it heatstroke or something else?  This is only part of Chapter 10 and where I have got so far, but there will be a continuation of this.


Izzy tried to back away from the window, but her legs wouldn’t budge. If lightning struck she’d be fried on the spot. What the hell was going on?

“Izzy.” A voice whispered “Izzy, we need you. We…”

A huge sigh of air escaped from Izzy’s mouth. She hadn’t realised she had stopped breathing for a few seconds until she began breathing deeply and sucking in as much air as she could. Her legs tingled and she felt weak, she trembled and fell forward, but managed to stay on her feet. 

A strong nauseous feeling came over her, the acidic taste stuck in the back of her throat, she wanted to throw up. She got to the door and fumbled with the round handle. She turned it left to right and right to left and shook it incase it was jammed. It wouldn’t unlock. Click. The door opened. The landing and stairs spun, there were at least three images of them and she couldn’t tell which one was the one she should focus on. She walked gingerly a few steps forward and reached the edge of the staircase.

“Izzy, come back. We need you,” it whispered. 

The bedroom door slammed shut behind her. She jumped. That was it, time to go. She studied the wooden staircase and knew she wouldn’t be able to make it down there, her vision was still in triple mode. Izzy turned to face the under cupboard door and stifled a scream, A small figure of a female child stood watching, dark circles beneath her dull green eyes, her brown hair dishevelled to her shoulders and wearing a dirty dress. She held out her hands, grime encased underneath her nails. Izzy clutched the bannister tightly with her left hand and after two slow and failed attempts swung her right leg over and slid down the wooden bannister slowly and steadily to the second floor. She felt a bit woozy, but her had single vision had almost returned again. Her head pounded and she stumbled into the kitchen…empty. The main lights were off and only the under cupboard ones were left on highlighting the worktops. She made her way through the house, as if she had been on an all-night bender, staggering and swaying only to bounce from one wall to another until she got to her dad’s study. A light peeked beneath the bottom of the door and she could hear keys on a computer or laptop being typed. She knocked on the door once…twice.


The light went out and her legs buckled and she slumped to the floor. Everything went black.

“Oh my god, Izzy!” 

Semi unconscious she felt an arm slip underneath the nape of her neck and her head lulled forward and rolled back again. Another arm slipped underneath the back of her knees and within seconds she was floating, her body limp.

Izzy heard muffled voices above her and felt drops of water on her face. Slowly opening her eyes her dad and Siobhan appeared above her. 

“What happened? My head is banging.” she slurred. Her mouth felt bone dry.

“You collapsed outside my office. I almost tripped over you as I came out.”

“Darling, are you okay?” Siobhan asked wiping my face with a cold wet cloth. “You had a temperature, but you seem much cooler now.”

“How long have I been like this?”

“Not long, only ten minutes, fifteen at max. Stay here for thirty mins and come around a bit and I’ll take you up to your room so you can rest.”

“No. I don’t want to go there, dad. There’s something strange about that room, there were watery footprints and…”

“Darling, it’s fine. You must have been dreaming or hallucinating.” Siobhan replied stroking a curl ginger hair out of Izzy’s eyes

Michael and Siobhan shot a glance at each other before focusing on Izzy.

“Dad, please believe me. It’s not….”

“Izzy, calm down. I think you might have heatstroke. I’ll call the doctor. I want to make sure your okay.”

She tried to get up off the sofa, but her legs felt like lead.

“Izzy…Shhh…rest. You need your strength.” The voice whispered.

She looked around the room, but there were only three of them. Maybe she did have heatstroke!

The doctor examined Izzy and seem satisfied that it was a very mild sign of heatstroke. Her vision was back to normal, blood pressure was okay and she didn’t have a temperature, her speech was no longer slurred. 

“Hello, young lady. I’m not going to admit you to hospital as your symptoms seem to have eradicated. Rest and keep out of the sun. If it’s too hot tomorrow in the day…go out when it’s a little cooler. Understand?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“Okay. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Eastham.” He smiled, turned to Michael and shook his hand. Their words faded as they walked away.

Izzy lay on the sofa letting the images of the last hour repeat in her head. Did I really see what I thought I saw or is it all in my imagination? No it’s real…oh my god…the…

“Would you like some hot chocolate darling or some warm milk? It might help you sleep.”

Izzy looked up to see Siobhan peering over her. She looked strange upside down, her face looked puffy and her eyes bulged.

“Umm…yes, please. Can I stay here…on the sofa?” 

“Yes, for a short while, darling. My boss and his wife are coming for dinner in a couple of hours.”

“Okay…thank you. I’ll disappear before they get here.”

Siobhan smiled and nodded before walking into the kitchen.

“We wish you would disappear.”  The voices whispered.

Izzy pushed herself up a little and peeked over the back of the sofa and could just see the dark eyes and tops of Harmony and Melissa heads behind her, their words quickly evaporating into laughter.  

“The feeling is mutual. Oh and you can quit your stupid whispers, I know it’s you that have been doing it!”

“What do you mean?” They chorused.

“You know exactly what I mean, the stupid whispers, the wet footprints, the doll, water underneath the bedroom window. I know it’s you two.”

Harmony folded her arms and sneered “Oh yeah, really, then prove it!

“Well, who else is it going to be? Since I got here all you have done is play childish pranks.”

Melissa took a few steps towards the sofa and glared at Izzy, their noses were almost touching “It’s not us.”

“Hey girls! What’s going on? 


Melissa’s eyes glared at Izzy for a few seconds and she stepped back quickly.

“Dad, I’m not hallucinating and I don’t think what I have is heatstroke. It’s the girls and their stupid pranks.”

“Calm down Izzy. What do you think they are doing or have done to you today?”

“It’s not just today! I have been hearing whispering, there have been wet footprints leading from the second staircase to my room, and in there I have also seen a doll on two occasions soaking wet. There has also been a puddle of water underneath the windowsill a few times now too.” 

Michael looked at her and then shot a look at Harmony and Melissa. “What do you have to say for yourselves? Have you been tormenting Izzy?”

“No dad we haven’t, we have played some tricks on her, but not this,” Melissa replied tearfully.

Michael looked back at Izzy. “When did this happen?”

“The footprints have been today about an hour ago when I saw them and the doll. The wet flooring underneath the window I have noticed since I came here…the first day.”

“Izzy, the girls have been out of the house for the last three hours, as I dropped them off for riding lessons. We were the only ones in the house. Siobhan came in minutes after I found you as she had been to a meeting in town. Our friends have literally dropped the girls off ten minutes ago.”

Izzy stared at her father before letting her eyes glance at the bitches who stood with confused expressions. There were no smirks or dirty looks only surprised faces. 

For once they seemed genuine. Had she imagined it all? Could it really be heatstroke? What the hell was going on? Something wasn’t right. No one believed her, she sensed it. It’s not ALL me, It’s not ALL me. 

“Girls come with me, so I know where you are.” Michael held out his hands, which Harmony and Melissa clasped either side. “Izzy I’m going to check on your room. We’ll be back in fifteen minutes.

Izzy nodded. She felt confused. Was it her? Was it all in her head? Was she actually seeing things? She watched them leave in silence. A faint smell of coconut wafted briefly around her. She had no idea where it came from, but It reminded her of her mum. In her mind, she could see her smiling and laughing, and them hugging. 

“Nah hasski tey, neh wenako.”

“What does it mean?”

“It means don’t worry. Things will be okay.” Dancha replied…hugging her closer.

Izzy smiled remembering the coconut shower gel her mum always used.

“Neh wenako.” Izzy repeated. “Don’t worry.”


To be continued…

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It`s a gripping read. Hopefully, one day my writing will be to this standard.


Great stuff and well-paced. Only a few minor typos and glitches. “Their words faded as they walked away.” makes no sense, maybe their voices/conversation fading? Is Izzy a contraction of Isabella? If so, would the ‘ghost voices’ use that or her full name? “Watery footprints” might need a rethink as it implies a watery foot. Wet footprints better. para 3 could be ‘she hadn’t realised she’d been holding her breath for so long’ ‘but her had single vision’ needs an edit round handle > door knob ‘grime encased under her fingernails’ is obtuse use of the verb so perhaps delete… Read more »

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