No Turning Back

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on this site with constructive feedback. This is a miniseries i have decided to write, my intentions are to update weekly. Hopefully, it will be apparent from my writing that I’m learning. 

They said it would be alright, it would revolutionise the world as we knew it. We believed their every word… They lied!  The year is 2060 and Earths population have catapulted into a new era, an entire species on the brink of extinction. Will humanity survive in this new world?  

Protected from the outside world for what seemed like a lifetime, Jordan sustained his life on a dwindling stockpile of tinned foods and bottled water. People ridiculed plans for an underground shelter, but being a child at heart he built one anyway. In the shelters dim light, he muttered “Not such a stupid idea now is it!” However, his smugness was short-lived as desperate cries for help ran rampant in his memories. 
The morning it happened things were normal at first; Jordan was organising shelves to make room for new supplies when an explosion reverberated through the bunker, for several days the ground continued to shake with no sign of the stopping. A built-in radio system played at full volume to cancel out noise from above whilst an emergency frequency detailed safe zones and no-go zones. All citizens were ordered to stay indoors, barricade all entry points and await further instructions followed by an unnerving comment “May god be with you all.”  
The last radio transmission received had sent shivers through his spine. A female reporter whilst given her usual updates yelled out in fear “Get out… get out!” commotion audible. Picking up a nearby map he couldn’t help but sigh at the many crossed-out sections until he spotted a cross free area. “Ahh, Newcastle Upon Tyne, the reporter said it was a safe zone.”  
“What happened up there?” Casting his eyes towards a freestanding chemical suite he grimaced. “No they wouldn’t have. Would they?”. Months back the country’s security alert was heightened because an extremist group shot down an aircraft, killing all 128 passengers. Overcome with rage he slammed his hand into a nearby counter sending paperwork flying; in amongst documents now lay a gut-wrenching article. North Korea claim their long-range missile program has been successful. The thought of it being a terror attack was comforting as help would be sent. It had now been weeks since the nightmare with no signs of rescue, or life above. One thing he knew for sure was, whatever had happened up there wasn’t going to a pretty sight and preparing for the worst was a must. 
A look of panic spread across his features as a distinct thud become progressively louder, “What is it.”  standing with his ear pressed against the wall he listened closely, the sound was now beginning to shake the walls as it approached. 


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Presentation is the next thing to work on and detail! If an explosion rips through a bunker, you die for example: Jordan sustained his life in his bunker for what seemed a lifetime subsisting on a dwindling stockpile of tinned foods and bottled water. People ridiculed his plans for an underground shelter but being a child at heart he built one anyway. In the shelter’s dim light, he muttered in sneering tones at the concrete walls and roof: “Not such a stupid idea, now was it?” However, any smugness that emerged was soon corroded by the memories of the desperate,… Read more »

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