Shadow Boxers

Just a bit of nonsense 

In an old and darkened street

in a dull and drab old town.

Working in an old stone house

in an old two up two down


We’ve been round here forever.

Long before the house was built.

Toiling here upon this land

when just river sand and silt.


The people there don’t hear us.

They don’t even know we’re here,

but we’re working night and day

and we’re proud of our career.


We have a long term contract

until eternity meets his end.

We manufacture products

which we parcel up and send.


Our customer’s your Sun King,

although he is one of many.

Our job is quite essential,

but we’re never paid a penny.


We’re pleased to make our products.

So what are the things we’ve made?

We dispatch them all in boxes. . . .

We post shadows. We mail shade.


© guajiros 2019
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Maybe be nonsense but I like it, the last stanza could be the basis of a strong futuristic poem where shade is a real commodity.


Well, I wouldn’t call it silly. It may be surreal but I find it very original and I liked it.
Never prejudge readers’ reaction to your work.
Best wishes, Luigi


This made me smile, and is an interesting way of looking at things, flows good and more than just a piece of nonsense but rather a good work

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