Some people like to visit unexpectedly 😉 


I glanced up as the door opened and watched as out of the bottle tanned legs walked through the lounge. Her red hair, blond on the tips swayed from side to side as she walked into the kitchen. I concentrated back on my laptop.

“Mum, can I borrow your phone please to ring Danto. I don’t have credit on mine.” 

“Yeah, suppose so. Don’t be too long though. I wanna ring Dad soon.”

I took my phone off the arm of the chair and handed it to my daughter and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a girl standing by the partially open door. I looked up and stared, expecting to see my youngest daughter, but there was nobody there. 

“I could have sworn I saw your sister standing by the door.”

Talia looked up from my phone that she held. “I didn’t see anyone.”

“You were too busy looking at my phone that’s why.” I laughed. 

She smiled and went back to tapping numbers into the phone.

Giggles of laughter….that trailed off briefly…then came back and stopped. 

Talia and I shot a glance at each other.

“That was your sister!” 

“Yeah, it was Juanita’s laugh. I’m gonna check on her right now.” Talia said and rushed out the door.

“I was about to say exactly the same.” I ran up the stairs behind her.

We ran across the landing. Talia flung the door open and stopped suddenly and I almost crashed into the back of her. She stood in silence as I looked over her shoulder. We were both motionless. 

Juanita turned over in her high sleeper and hugged her soft unicorn closer.

Her brother Jax was sprawled in his toddler bed, his Spiderman duvet vaguely over his feet, the rest of it on the white wooden floor.

Talia looked over her shoulder at me, her eyes wide and whispered “She’s sleeping! And if it had been her we would have heard her floorboards creaking.”

“I know and she wouldn’t have had time to get into bed by the time we got upstairs.” 

“Then who the hell did we hear laughing? It came from her bedroom, which is above where you were sitting in the lounge.”

“I know. Maybe we have a visitor!” I laughed.

“Mum…don’t. You’re creeping me out now. You’re psychic and used to it. I’m not. It’s freaky.”

“I know I am, but you heard the laughter too!”

Talia stared at me her bright blue eyes wide and more noticeable against the fake tan on her face.

“Oh my god, mum…don’t, stop it. I’m off to bed.” She ran up the stairs and was almost at the top, within seconds I heard her door shut. 

I laughed and shook my head, then opened Juanita’s bedroom door to check again. She was asleep and so was her brother in his toddler bed, still in the same position as Talia and myself had seen him when we first checked. 

Maybe I’m not the only psychic one!

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Interesting concept, Lisa, who’s to say that our minds/spirits/psyche/souls don’t stretch their figurative legs when they feel in the mood…
Re the mechanics of the story, I (as a reader, not a critiquer) thought you could have cut out the non-essential descriptions and concentrated more on expanding the story’s core. For flash fiction, there’s too much cloud covering the piece’s sun. I could be more specific if you’d like further feedback.
x Steve

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