Come, heavenly bombs! Destroy Colombo!

Come, America, if you’re more than mumbo-

jumbo, grab your spear and longbow

and erase this city!


Come, America and your English sidekick,

come splat kapow, ’cause History’s cyclic,

the world is morally hierarchic

and tyrants are shitty.


So, England, slay this swastikaed tyrant

who burns and violates without warrant,

who mutilates in a krishnaless torrent

of Tamil blood,


and kill that sly square-shouldered bastard

who’s lunched on Tamil flesh with mustard,

who laughed as ravished corpses festered

in bullet-strewn mud,


who gouged with spikes and whipped with metals

and raped with Coca-Cola bottles

in games of genocidal skittles,

come, kill these turds!


Come, mince the butchers of Sri Lanka,

Jonboy, Tommy, if you hanker

for the drop of freedom’s anchor

around the world!


Come, skewer these scumbags with your bayonets,

just like they did to gurus and pandits,

just like these Nazi Aryan bandits

skewered children,


and show the builder of Mohenjo-Daro,

the brave Dravidian, you’re a hero,

reduce his torturers to zero.

Just fucking kill them.


Even though they’ve got no oil

or any other battle-spoil,

though looting them won’t make you royal,

come, seize Sri Lanka!


Although it catapults your borders

across no very important waters

and nothing’s in it for you, your daughters

or the Wall Street banker,


come, show the Eastern world you’re noble

and smash Colombo down to rubble,

just like you did with Belgrade, Kabul

and old Baghdad.


Or are the hippies and lefties right,

is nothing in your field of sight

but oil, cash and the grasping tight

of what Washington had?






From “Disoccidented” by Alfie Shoyger:


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what is this all about?

it’s a fierce poem that’s for sure.

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