Middle-class people should not be allowed to vote


This isn’t a joke. I’m being perfectly serious. It is time for the working classes of Britain to

seize power in a state of class war, and create a situation that is the mirror opposite of

how things were before the Great Reform Acts of the nineteenth century.




Because middle-class people are fucking awful. That’s why.


Not all of them, by any means. It would be wrong to generalise, and all rules have

exceptions. But quite clearly, most middle-class people, a definite majority, are utterly



For example, people who read the Guardian, and who actually agree with the Orwellian

drivel that spews across the pages of this so-called “newspaper”. What a bunch of self-

righteous, self-serving, hypocritical scumbags. They really do believe themselves to be

morally and intellectually superior to the working class, because working-class people

voted for Brexit and don’t want Islamic jihadists walking their streets, raping their

daughters and blowing them up at pop concerts.


They think they are vastly better than the “uninformed”, “uneducated” and “racist” plebs,

but they call themselves “left-wing”. What a disgusting, sick joke.


George Orwell knew that it would be the middle class who would lead Western civilisation

down a dystopian road to ruin, and he wasn’t wrong. This is what is happening right now.

It is the middle class who are herding the British people into the clutches of a politically

correct neo-Marxist progressive-fascist dictatorship, just as it was the middle class who

built the British Empire which they now feel so guilty about and want to force everybody

else to feel guilty about as well.


The working class did not build the British Empire. It was not their idea. Working-class

people never left the shores of their own country, except as soldiers who were conscripted,

that is to say, forced into military service.


Working-class people have ploughed the land, milked the cows, mined the coal, built the

ships, laid the roads, worked the machinery. They have fought and died in a series of

increasingly brutal and pointless wars, in service of their masters. And what are the fruits

of their labour? Not very much. A few scraps like the NHS, the welfare state and the Right

to Buy.


People who actually have to toil and sweat to earn a living are the only ones who deserve

to decide what form our society should take. Not a bunch of pampered, narcissistic twats

who sit around designing bollocks on a laptop all day.


So, what kind of society should the working class create? A socialist one? A nationalist

one? Well, personally I would like to see a mixture of both. But it wouldn’t be up to me.

The point is that the correct form of society is whatever the working class wants it to be.


We could try, to varying degrees, socialism, capitalism and nationalism. But at the end of

the day, the electorate must be entirely working class, and all politicians must also come

from the working class.


The bourgeoisie cannot be trusted to represent the interests of the proletariat. They have

shown this time and time again, from Tony Blair to Ed Miliband to Jeremy Corbyn. They

always act in their own self-interest. They never ask the people to decide on important

issues. Government decisions are always made without the consent, and often against the

wishes, of the people. An almost-exception is the Brexit referendum. The working class

voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit. However, the powers that be, along with their

middle-class minions, have been doing their best to ignore and sabotage this vote.


The Left-Right split is irrelevant. This split is there in order to divide the working class. The

working class should forget their political differences and come together with a common

goal, namely to overthrow the bourgeoisie and seize power. The Yellow Vest protestors in

France are setting a good example.


“If there is hope”, wrote Winston, “it lies in the proles”…










Alfie Shoyger



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