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Dear Mr. Joyce, my sincere and deepest apologies. Please don’t come down and haunt me. I’ll probably get pilloried on here anyway. 

heaven knows if there is such a place im not interested in politics but all this bollocks on the tele and in the papers makes no sense to me people banging on about democracy all the time when by a next to nothing whisker half the people get what they want and the other half get royally shafted then a good number of the so called winners realise what they got wasnt what they thought well it seems to me they got what they deserve and that means more than half the country got screwed even though when you look at it the people screwed themselves how can this be democracy i ask myself when the politicians on both sides were supporting something they didnt really believe in thats as clear as spring water it looks like the country is being lead into something they dont want or even understand by people who dont know what they want or even understand how can we call them honourable mps they dont have an ounce of integrity between them they squabble amongst themselves and stab each other in the back in an infantile playground game of im better than you are and while they are doing this the raft we are all on might as well be stuck in the zambezi current heading for the victoria falls the only people who are doing anything constructive are bankers and businessmen a section of society i normally regard as easily despised but when you think about it it makes sense because if you are running a business you and your colleagues have to stay focussed otherwise youll go tits up ive started to think this country needs a real shake up an earthquake or tsunami of megaproportions in other words a coup or even a civil war now that seems a terrible thing to think but in this country at least the democracy the politicians claim to hold so dear isnt working it don’t even seem like democracy maybe a spell under a ruthless or despotic dictator will make the spoilt selfish population realise why the eu is so important to the bulk of the population in countries like germany and spain and france and poland and romania  and  and  and

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we have a president as head of state and even we know things are not going to always be as democratic as they say, I thought it would not be difficult when crowns are involved, to just claim you know things will never become adequately democratic. why do nations in general with monarchy are stubbornly calling themselves democracies is beyond me. not that there aren’t good kings and queens, there are just like there are good dictators and maybe even good tyrants, but basically they represent a tale worse than that of religion. tee hee.


The Black Rod has to symbolically knock on the door to Parliament, to both Houses, to get permission to open it and let the monarchy in – Royalty, the durable titular head of State, and changeable Parliament are kept separate, with only one or two ancient laws, never used, to allow the monarch to function as the ultimate arbiter when Parliament is locked in an issue that’s irresolvable. Boris was chosen from a staunch breed to be Britain’s saviour in time of crisis.

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