Letter to the Polish Government


To whom it may concern.


Please forgive my lack of Polish. I am a British immigrant to your country. I prefer to

consider myself a refugee. I have lived in Poland for ten months now. I left Western

Europe because I could no longer stand their insane immigration policies and increasingly

absurd political correctness.


I am worried about the future of Poland. I see your wonderful country as being in danger

of falling to the same ideological sickness that the West has fallen to. Political correctness,

which is a kind of neo-Marxism, is growing in Poland, especially among the young



Make no mistake, Political Correctness – including multiculturalism, white guilt, affirmative

action, anti-patriotism, and obnoxious extreme Feminism – is indeed a new kind of

Marxism. It is “Cultural Marxism”. This, as I see it, is the biggest threat to your country.


Your country has already suffered massively under 45 years of Marxism. You do not want

anything similar to this to ever return to your shores. This new ideological disease can

destroy your country, as it has already destroyed mine. The people of the West are

mentally ill.


In my opinion, the most important thing the Polish government needs to do is to ban

leftist indoctrination in universities.


I strongly recommend that you do this in your second term of office.


Some people will say that there must be intellectual freedom, there must be freedom to

read and discuss whatever ideas may exist. But the problem is that these ideologies are

being taught in universities as though they are fact, as though they represent the truth.

They are not taught in a balanced or neutral way. There are extreme leftist indoctrinators

in Polish universities, just as there are in Western Europe. Young Poles are being

indoctrinated, right under your noses.


Can you imagine if Nazi ideology was being taught in Polish universities? Would this be

acceptable? Of course not. So why is far left ideology any different? Marxism is arguably

worse than Nazism. It has caused more deaths throughout history.


I am pleading with you, as a citizen of a dead civilisation, to make sure that your beautiful,

proud, decent country does not end up like a Western European country. You must ban far

left indoctrination in universities. Otherwise your society will become sick and collapse,

just as ours is in the process of doing.


Yours with the deepest respect,


Alfie Shoyger





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