Applied Mutual Pride

Attempting to help people in the mental sphere
is seldom rewarded, for ‘thank you’ usually means


He worked long and hard
convincing others to resist victory by death
while living was still a worthwhile defeat,
that only the latter biological option
would allow further détente
between the technically curious
and culturally discontented.
Shortcutting through the culvert from rain,
he greeted two resident soulmates
discovered hanging out there.
Religiously bonded in a career of misery,
their obtuse divergent reasoning,
more eclectic than any diagnostic criteria,
was aimed at outwitting a formidable foe,
cynically insisting:
I am only what you say I am not!
Ignoring him, one said to the other:
“I am not the red capsules, you are not the blue”
Exchanged, feeling they’d won,
they shook toxic dose-loaders
like football rattles after him,
the other shouting perversely: “God said,
heed the warnings of Hitler and Stalin,
there’s nought more dangerous than madness
masquerading as NORMALITY!”
Later, mentally resuscitating from saving
an exclusive group of 11th hour punters,
he thought:
all creatures try to avoid predators,
but, perhaps the most dangerous predator
of all arrived with abstract thinking,
with the creation of God and after-life,,
conveniently attributed with being
‘beyond knowing’,
preventing disproval of that false assumption,
of ‘meaning’ rather than ‘interest’ being
a necessary premise
for choosing life over death.
“You can cure the patient from his depression,
while still not knowing what it is that makes
him want to go on living” Winnicott 1965


© Gothicman 2020
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Socrates was the shrink of Athens, perhaps of humanity. The reward is always hemlock.

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