new, sci fi prose poem

the distance that separated me from you was bigger than the hug God could give the world.
I have reached the level beyond levels, 
I knew I was there when the mechanical beep stopped.
for a brief moment that seemed like eons I learned how it is to not need oxygen anymore
and that’s what I had to learn last
the terror of not needing air, the terror of willingly surrendering to such terror.
emptiness asphyxiated me with its abundant freedom from everything. 
all was inside me and I was inside all.
I couldn’t see hear smell sense any trace of you

and that’s how my limits expanded or should I say disintegrated in the absence of your attention.
that’s what made my focus so clear.

© ifyouplease 2019
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critique and comments welcome.

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guajiros **

I never could get my head around the difference between prose poems and blank verse or free verse.

This is very emotional, it doesn’t feel like sci-fi to me. Seem more like a love poem or even a fear of death. That is what make it so interesting.

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