I Hate the Liberal Left


Something happened recently which, more than anything else I’ve ever experienced,

perfectly encapsulates why it is that I hate the Liberal Left.


Someone on Facebook asked for people’s opinions on Tommy Robinson, saying that he

wanted to avoid inhabiting an echo chamber. However, this man does indeed live in an

echo chamber consisting of all the usual suspects: loud-mouthed young hipsters in their

20s and 30s who now live in London but originally come from somewhere else, mostly

places where there aren’t many ethnic minorities. The men all have hairy faces and the

women, presumably, all have hairy armpits. Middle-class narcissists. Every single one of

them oozing with self-satisfaction, tripping over themselves to prove how virtuous and

not-racist they are, convinced of their own superiority, convinced that every word they say

is right and that they couldn’t possibly ever be wrong.


The nationalist activist Tommy Robinson had recently been jailed for thirteen months for

contempt of court, for filming outside the trial of a paedophile rape gang. These rape

gangs (according to Maajid Nawaz of the anti-extremist Quilliam Foundation) are 84%

Muslim. Their victims – underage girls as young as eleven – are almost entirely from the

white working class.


Tommy Robinson has been in prison before, for things like mortgage fraud, and on these

occasions the British state have deliberately incarcerated him in prison wings populated by

violent Muslim gangsters who want to kill him.


And so the Facebook echo chamber began, all about what a terrible person Tommy

Robinson is, and how he is just a nasty racist who hates brown people. No evidence was

shown of course, that he hates brown people. Just the usual liberal-leftist conflation of

“Muslims” with “brown people”, even though plenty of brown people are Hindus,

Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, atheists etc, and plenty of Muslims are not



These are the same liberal leftists who are more than happy to spit abuse at Christians –

that’s fine of course, because Christians are not a race. But Muslims are, apparently, and

they are above (or below?…) criticism.


I decided to put my two pennies’ worth into this “debate” (made up entirely of people

agreeing with each other), and pointed out that with the rape gangs, 84% of the offenders

come from one community and 99% of the victims come from another. That the girls who

were raped were specifically chosen because they were white. That they were often

racially abused, called “white slags” and “white trash” and so on. And therefore that what

made these crimes particularly awful was that they were not only sexual abuse, but racism

as well. And that Tommy Robinson has simply been defending his own community, his own

tribe, his own people, against the attacks of another. It’s called loyalty.


But nobody seemed to care. Racism against white people is not something that liberal

leftists care to oppose. And loyalty is not a concept that they understand.


I then turned the situation around and asked them to imagine a scenario where gangs of

white British paedophiles were going around exclusively raping underage black girls – only

black girls, never white girls. And that the police and authorities had covered up the

problem for years.


I suggested that, in that scenario, the black community would be outraged. They would be

on the streets, protesting and probably rioting. There would be civil unrest. And that

actually, that would be the correct response. That would be the normal, natural,

instinctual, human response.


How did the liberal leftists react to that point? They said that, in such a scenario, they

hoped that not only black people would be outraged, but that everyone would get together

and support them!


Right…… So, if it was black children getting raped by white men, then we should all be

absolutely furious and should stand in solidarity with the black community and show them

nothing but our deepest empathy and respect in their struggle.


But, as it’s only white working-class children getting raped by Muslims, we have to say

nothing, and it’s not a problem, and anybody who complains about it is a brainless,

bigoted, far-right, racist, ignorant, Brexit-voting, tabloid-reading, uneducated, hateful,

intolerant, vile scumbag, and what Tommy Robinson is doing is, apparently, completely



And there – in a nutshell – is why I hate the Liberal Left.


There, in a nutshell, we see the Liberal Left’s complete hypocrisy and double standards.

We see their traitorous disregard for their own people, their disregard for the working

class, and their sickening, grovelling, rectum-licking favouritism towards ethnic and

cultural minorities.


Most of all, we see their complete lack of self-awareness. They can’t even see their own

glaring, outrageous, racist hypocrisy.


Nor can they see that they are the hysterical, hate-spewing, slogan-dribbling, brainwashed

automatons that George Orwell imagined in ‘1984’. They have no self-awareness. That is

how stupid they are. And yet they believe themselves to be intellectuals, to be vastly

intellectually and morally superior to those stupid knuckle-dragging “right-wingers”,

“racists”, “Islamophobes” and “fascists” who are really just normal people who want to

defend their own community.


The Liberal Left are utterly despicable.








Alfie Shoyger



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