Email to a reader, CC: Anyone, the Monument

fiction challenge set by Guajiros.

Now that Voice Philip is busy in the dream set of his preference, all is quiet, bots sent to oblivion area too, she is busy with Philip and I can be left alone. It’s just you and I, although, there’s not even you or anyone, actually, for now.

If anyone wonders how it is to live in a city of one of the greatest monuments on this planet, now is the time for me to pretend I’ve been asked and provide me with a valid reason to complete a challenge by writing this next installment of Email to a Reader, CC: Anyone.  I’m in Athens, she would say as an Avatar of hers, I have no other choice, but be here, where I was placed. Let’s say it’s true that I’m an Avatar, the world then is fake and the monument too. Even though we are all pretty fake the same values, the same qualities are present here, where we are. Of what they – our owners – think it’s vital for this particular lesson. The monument still means “ancient sacred knowledge” and still is “a canon of architectural perfection” made by humans in eight or nine years. For some reason in this simulation we do not live when it was built and the monument is not in good shape anymore.

More than two thousand and five hundred years have passed, for we are avatars that belong to the start of the new millennium, the third one, and I cannot claim anything else, I cannot for the life of me focus enough and remember what I have done minute after minute the last five days. So allow me to avoid saying we were indeed here before 2000.

Whether we are avatars or not, we have a problem with remembering. The brain we have doesn’t support precise memory for more than I would say an hour. Only if we are avatars it’s naturally designed to be this way, if we are real we’ve been compromised to put it lightly, and there isn’t anything that isn’t a possible suspect for our condition, ourselves included, inanimate objects perhaps not, but we sure have a lot in common with them if something freezes time on all levels of our conscious existence. Perhaps we move when they don’t. Perhaps they have lives when we forget time. When we are like dummies, or zombies. You know what, we are almost avatars, we are almost real too. Monuments are partly real, partly unreal.

She said they want answers. I think they want verification, they do have answers. Or maybe not even that. They are just bored and invented this. To play and forget and that’s why we are nothing but forgetful players that hallucinate in tiny instances that seem to last a lifetime.



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We already discussed this and now I’m an avatar. Thanks, Nikki for writing this. I really like the concept.
Oh! just noticed only one l in instalment (sorry).

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