Joking with myself


A short report on how the world was saved because of pointless conversations

“So let’s recap, if it’s not Lizards and we are all in a gas chamber on a global scale, then
this may very well be our last hallucination. Any ideas who may have put us in a gas chamber?

“I cannot be sure if this hallucination happens while we choke to death or one of the many that await us in Bardo Thodol. collectively reconstructing reality — read Ubik by Philip Dick — the sensation must be so frightening we all decided to stick together and hallucinate animosities and atrocities. well some of us at least…”

“The butler of a lost tribe did it!”

The butler of a lost tribe walks into a bar that’s empty and serves himself with his favourite drink, saying “at last, I can make my own perfect Pina Colada and I am the only master of the jukebox.”

“Not so fast mister,” the Greek says while the two gentlemen that escort her, an Italian and an Englishman who may be Welsh, grab him by the throat and choke him to death, and while they’re doing it the magic gas chamber on a global scale is dissolved and humanity is saved.

the end.

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