Captain Poet

a rant, written circa 2007

Why write such kind of poetry

When you can buy yourself a bonsai,

And make an ekphrastic tree?

Why bother so much with grammar

In poetic context, and commas

Not to mention lyrical nuances, which from

Repetitious editing lose their sensitivity?

Stop banging trapped meanings, or perplexed,

Against the walls of meter,

You’re not forced to live in a prison,

Nobody is going to sell you as a slave,

No barred windows a little

Higher than your height

Block you from the joys of writing.

So, what with that kind of poetry

Will you achieve, you and your inspiration

Jostling through a crowd of syllables,

Elbowing unoriginal rhymes,

To find a nice seat in front of the execution scaffold

Where your betrayed imagination

Looking like Errol Flynn in one of those

Swashbuckling films will be talking

More old-fashioned bollocks than any free verse poem

And any postmodern poet like me?

I tell you Captain Poet, that kind of poetry

Is just a mistrial, is only a bad deal.

But if you insist that this is what you need,

To kneel to Form and say Your Majesty,

Do not pursue us, we’re not pirates,

We do not blow up your ships,

And do not chase us after, mind you

Lousy poets exist in every fleet.



© ifyouplease 2019
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