Blooming Lovers

A good year.

When Pisces swam into Aquarius’

water, Annie and I bathed in bed

on windswept mornings; walked

in silent woods through Snowdrop

carpets on post coital afternoons.

By the time of Aries’ rut, ours was

cooling in the softness of April rain.


While Taurus adorned his horns

with Bluebell’s azure cloches, Trish

treated me to thirty days of Bacchus

nights, but as mornings dawned I saw

a perfect flower dying inside a glass.


Roses and Campion for Jeanette after

Gemini’s fickle days and solitary nights.

After the claws of the Crab yielded to

Leo’s summer roars, we shared lusty

beds until Libra’s leaves began to curl

and turn to gold, then the sting of Scorpio’s

early snows brought winter to our troth.


Chrysanthemum blooms fading under

Sagittarian sun brought a delicious taste

of youth and the short-lived days under

Tracy’s spell of inherited climaxes closed

a wild year with a gift of knowledge that

the time had come for me to love again.

© guajiros 2019
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This is such a clever poem, using the signs of the zodiac. I will need to come back and read again to process the poem completely.

I like how at the end you describe a wild year with the gift of knowledge that the time had come to love again. Aquarius swimming with Pisces seems like a perfect dream and so much more.

Very much enjoyed reading.



Fine poem, guajiros (what a difficult name to spell, is it Columbian?). Not keen on “post-coital” though; perhaps “intimate” would be better? Always an enjoyable and interesting read with such progressive and colourful detail, and the tribute to young, or intensive, love can never go amiss either. For me, fine work!


No, the “coital” is necessary because of “carpets”.

Nice alliteration all the way through. A well-written poem. Liked it.


Refined, elaborate, exquisite piece really. I can hardly understand it myself 🙂


Interesting zodiac thread here – “Tracy’s spell of inherited climaxes closed” is stuck in my mind for some reason!

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