You There, Standing In The Glow!

Armageddon is soon upon us.


You can join our coach if you like,
there’s room for one more;
we’re escaping dust at high altitude
retrograding from nuclear levitation;
. . . . and Khilafah Muslims, in millions,
ecstatically awaiting imminent annihilation; no
longer nuking Zionist effigies, not now, since
chemical-Ayatollah supplied the know-how;
. . . . and Israeli Jews, the surviving few,
once safely triggering summary executions, now
thumping doom buttons of eye-tooth retribution,
now triggering, yes, the final Exodus!
Sit back, breathe deeply and relax;
close your eyes and ponder, not over
God’s existence, but your own;
by the way, there is no driver.






© Gothicman 2020
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