Does Anybody Know a Cheapish Hitman?


Does anybody know a cheapish hitman?

My mind has been invaded by vile slugs,

by members of an oozing, squelching, shit clan

who threaten like a pack of Mafia thugs.

Civil, reasoned argument just glugs

straight through their hollow heads, it’s an assault

on all their years of hard-perfected shrugs

of denial that anything could be their fault.

This mind-invasion bangs now to a halt.

It’s time to shoot injustice in the head.

The slugs must be evicted. Pass the salt.

No-one’s listened to a word I’ve said.

I’m crammed with blazing hate. I’ve had enough.

And all I ever wanted was to love.






From “Disoccidented” by Alfie Shoyger:


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Adore the title – slc

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