I Need to Talk


I need to talk about the pain

of isolation from mankind.

You want to talk about the size

of your ex-boyfriend’s Mum’s behind.


I need to talk about my shock

that people don’t care for each other.

You want to talk about the price

of your new day-glo teapot-cover.


I need to talk about my rage

that no-one hears me when I cry.

You want to talk about the fact

you’ve overcooked your shepherd’s pie.


I need to talk about my love

for a heartless stand-alone favourite

that storms, unnoticed, year after year.

You tell me to get over it.






From “Disoccidented” by Alfie Shoyger:





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Yeah, get over it Alphie. I would very much like to read the poem “Alphie”. Ranting is an acceptable artform. I love your presentation and your line lengths are exquisite. Open verse rocks! I may not like everything I read, or even share a POV, certainly not in to “the white worker” being an afram and retired worker – but I hope you repost the poem. Self censorship – I do it to get rid of the ill and poorly constructed and in no way helpful critique. So, I do not request comments or criticism because egos flare and sometimes… Read more »

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