In Mortal Isolation

which is rarely achievable these days!



Just once in my life, on the
southern tip of Värmland’s Nose,
a peninsular jutting long out
into a freshwater lake, Vänern,
solitude turned to isolation
when, among wind-still trees,
I stood in an ethereal world
of total peacefulness.
A massive bull-elk stood
watching too, an eerie statue at
middle distance, knee-deep in
the shallows, while all around,
the vast span of water, as far as
the wide horizon’s thin blue line,
lay calm as a frozen mirror,
the cloudless sky, one shade
of pastel blue.
During those short moments
deprived of sensory stimulation,
a collective image of Man’s most
murderous and dastardly deeds, all
violent deaths, all agonized cries,
from ancient wars to present
famines, appeared to haunt and
taunt me, enthused me, with an
overwhelming sense of mortality,
filled my innermost self with a
despair so dreadful, I could
barely breathe.
In mortal isolation, able to
understand Man’s most tragic
weakness as she journeys towards
an unknown fate, fear of life not
ending in oblivion, of trying to
die worthy of some indeterminable
life beyond the grave,
three questions came to mind.
Would the world have fared
better without ancient
representatives of God offering
or, is belief in threats of divine
judgement necessary to help keep the
greater part of Man’s ambivalent nature
under control;
would revelation become relief
if an ordinary village parson
were to disclose to me: 
‘In modern times, religion
survives less through an intrinsic
belief in God, but more the result
of an indispensable, denied
though implicit, conspiracy
between men of wise, mortal
Well, there are no Crusades or
Inquisitions, no one suffers
anathema, is burned for heresy,
or battles to preserve some royal
deity, but, there is evangelism,
hagiocracy, jihad and fatwa,
and communism’s iron curtain
has been replaced with the
steel wall of Talmud to protect
its expanding nuclear nucleus.
Death has been described as
Nature’s masterpiece, birth
being Nature’s miracle; and
even if right to the miracle has
become less arbitrary, when
frightened individuals shout
“infidel!”, “unchosen!”, “beware
hell, fire, and brimstone, and
purgatorial trial!”, one can take
comfort in the knowledge that
no religious group yet has been
able to deny a person the right
to her masterpiece, even if
indoctrinated, religious
psychological mechanisms can
incite commitment of truly
diabolical acts that reduce the
natural time-span between
the two, as with any form of
secular murder.
primitive Man’s greatest moral guidance;
modern Man’s greatest intellectual failure.

© Gothicman 2020
Views: 1913
critique and comments welcome.

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This was such a deep read. It felt like you’d unlocked a door into your inner most thoughts.



I have to say it seems rather tragic that sitting on the edge of the magnificent Lake Vanern raised such negative thoughts (well expressed as they are)

Certainly was the last thing that crossed my mind when I was there.


powerful scum will find a new way to guide the sheep to the slaughterhouse of war if religion doesn’t do the job, it could be a smartphone.

very well written piece

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