The agreement


Starting with Bou, in 2009,
a litter of four puppies, 
abandoned, she was the last one 
to be saved; night approaching, 
the highway’s near, “bring her 
home,” I said.  Then, June
four years later, malnourished, 
beaten and old, ticks lined-up 
and attacking, like in the game 
Stratego, all wet in the rain. 
“Wait here, beside him, 
I’ll be back,” I ordained.
A year and a month later, 
outside my door, a perky, stray puppy. 
I tried to hold her too close; 
three was my limit, (or four, or five.) 
She ran away, scared. A prayer, 
to Virgin Mary, to keep her safe
and bring her back, answered; 
Gilda, hard to catch,” Tassos 
lifting her up like a lamb. 
Υes, I nodded; his rescue, my vow.

© ifyouplease 2019
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Aww that is lovely, had me in tears. I really enjoy the story lines in your writing it is a real pleasure to read them. sue. PS love to your dogs xx

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