On patriotic grounds

old, old … old enough

Numb, in 1934 I walked in Berlin and
since that walk invisible snowflakes scald my hair in June.

I found a way not to be a target,
it has to do with my ability to feel.

Who am I? Sluggishly self-portrayed
with arrogant decorations and glorious attire, I’m the minister
of Propaganda, I couldn’t have been a true patriot if I felt
what’s meant to be felt by humans.

Somehow I know, I can predict, it’s going to be
a long night, I wish we had Justice on our side,
but all we have is a flag and a dead man called

Athens, 2002

© ifyouplease 2019
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Hi, sorry to put this here but I have been trying to answer the message you sent me at Easter about grief for a dog for some reason I can only see part of your message, and although I have tried to answer you my writing doesn’t appear. No matter which way I try to contact you I can’t do it. Not sure if it’s the website or my iPad or what. I know what I want to yell you but it’s just not working. Sue.

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