On patriotic grounds

old, old … old enough

Numb, in 1934 I walked in Berlin and
since that walk invisible snowflakes scald my hair in June.

I found a way not to be a target,
it has to do with my ability to feel.

Who am I? Sluggishly self-portrayed
with arrogant decorations and glorious attire, I’m the minister
of Propaganda, I couldn’t have been a true patriot if I felt
what’s meant to be felt by humans.

Somehow I know, I can predict, it’s going to be
a long night, I wish we had Justice on our side,
but all we have is a flag and a dead man called



a historical poem about Goebbels who (from wiki) complained vehemently about the rival Strasser newspapers to Hitler, and admitted that their success was causing his own Berlin newspapers to be “pushed to the wall”.[35] In late April 1930, Hitler publicly and firmly announced his opposition to Gregor Strasser’s socialist ideas and appointed Goebbels as Reich leader of NSDAP propaganda

I found it interesting that although initially he found Hitler’s ideas horrifying he later chose to become his devotee. I guess he got the picture, he had to protect his main arteries from bullets. 

Athens, 2002


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Hi, sorry to put this here but I have been trying to answer the message you sent me at Easter about grief for a dog for some reason I can only see part of your message, and although I have tried to answer you my writing doesn’t appear. No matter which way I try to contact you I can’t do it. Not sure if it’s the website or my iPad or what. I know what I want to yell you but it’s just not working. Sue.

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