Ecstatically Inclined

is better than a bad deal!


Matched erotically,
and quite open about such things,
two fellow medical students of mine
said, they made love,
as only those deeply in love can do:
using eye contact to achieve
 retrograde detonation.
And that, yesterday,
walking hand-in-hand
along old gun emplacements
dug deep halfway up the cliffs of Dover,
taken short, she had pulled her knickers down
and, resting her buttocks over the edge,
had urinated out into the raging sea!
Chuckling at her mooning like this,
he had quipped:
“We hate the French, but we don’t
hate them that much!”
causing repeated rapturous laughter.
They said, four more reasons
why they suited so well together:
audacity, medical term eloquence,
same wave-length humour,

both, ardent Brexiteers.

© Gothicman 2019
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