Diabetes Awareness

short story for diabetes awareness.

The morning was just another one of those days, everything that could go wrong went wrong. If it were not for the infinite number of argumentative customers, it was the new shift supervisor Barbra, delegating tasks willy-nilly; enjoying her newfound power trip. Amy had now been working six whole hours without a break, Unmistakeable sweat patches formed under her arms, discolouring her grey jumper. Her forehead glistened in the many overhead lights. Amy took a deep breath and stood, admiring her newly cleaned floor. As she began to gaze around the busy restaurant, several customers were ravaging down their food; like a pack of starved wilder beast`s. The sound of chattering and a high pitch sound, repeatedly reverberated around the eating space as cutlery pounded into the meals. The smell of freshly cooked beef seemed to reach out to the local community; drawing them in like a bunch of mindless zombies.

A look of disgust radiated from Amy’s face, as she watched the diners eat. One customer used his hands to pick up a piece of meat, Then tore into it, as a lion would tear into its prey. The scene horrified Amy, and it was becoming too much for her to manage, the sounds, the smells, the images. Working in the kitchen and being a Vegan, was not easy going. Suddenly as she stood there, tunnel vision overcame her, heart began pounding against her rib cage, feeling light-headed and weak. Reaching out she grabbed for a nearby table to steady herself. Her knees felt as if she was on a boat, in stormy seas. Meanwhile, her once normal vision, now pulsating in and out of focus.

The noises around the room stopped, it was a deafening silence, the only noise audible was her pounding heartbeat. Using what limited vision she could conjure, ahead there was a familiar sight, amongst the unclarity of her view. It was the kitchen entrance, it looked like the wooden door was open. Unclasping her hand and pushing off, all around her the hungry customers continued to devour their meals. Uncontrollable panic overcome Amy, she wanted to cry out for help, but everything was all happing so fast, she staggered towards the kitchen entrance.

As she bimbled along with one arm out in front, she began to slump over. All of a sudden it struck her like a bullet to the head. She knew what the problem was! And she knew what was happening! Being a diabetic sucked. It took a lot of self-control and willpower. She had created a structured program to eat daily, However, due to the intense day, she had forgotten to use her plan. Now it was inevitable, with only one outcome, she was falling victim to a Hypoglycaemia shock. As she stumbled into the kitchen, a distorted low pitch sound gained her attention. Snapping her head in the direction the noise had originated, her tunnel vision was now fixated on Dave, the kitchen worker, and long-time friend. Dave took one look at Amy and noticed something was terribly wrong. A fearful look replaced her signature smile, her black wavy hair was covering portions of her face, and her posture slumped. As she stumbled closer towards Dave, he reached out with his arms and gripped at her shoulder, supporting her. Amy acknowledged her friend`s selfless efforts, and an immediate sense of comfort enveloped her. At this moment she was no longer alone, a slight smile broke through her scared appearance. Dave steadied her as she stood swaying from side to side, he could see that she was very weak, uncontrollable shakes apparent in her hands. He recognized the signs from his sister who had diabetes. In a concerned voice, Dave asked, “when did you last eat Amy!”. As Amy gazed upon Dave`s worried face, she could see his lips moving, but the words incoherent.

Dave swung into action, picking up his little porcelain cup of tea, from a nearby counter. While he steadied his friend in need, he begun easing the now lukewarm liquid into her mouth, Dave whispered,” you’re okay Amy, you’re okay, I got you”. As the tepid fluid saturated her cracked lips and entered her throat, the sugar within the tea was enough to catapult Amy back into the world of the living. An immediate change to her face was visible as Dave continued pouring the liquid. As he watched his friend, the colour began creeping back into her face, the involuntary shaking had subsided, and he believed things were now going to be okay. As Amy firmly held on to the cup handle the contents of the cup began sloshing over the rim, Dave saw this and handed Amy a new cup plate, to stop the leaks hitting her newly cleaned floor. The bright overhead light caused a glistening effect on her priceless diamond-encrusted finger jewellery. Amy snapped out of her trance-like state and darted towards the kitchen window. Amy stood looking out of the jail-style window; a gentle breeze seemed to remind her she was alive. The gentle breeze blew against her face as her arms dangle out from the window, holding on to her life-saving cup of tea.

© jordancoburn 2019
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welcome to uka, my father was a diabetic, well written says it as it is. diabetes is one of the nastiest ailments


Good work. Straightforward text with the necessary stuff included for the illness I suppose. A good balance to it and a nice read on a very serious topic.

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