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“And God said:

My reality can ill afford showing mercy to everyone. Because I’m not Evil, I can allow you to live in darkness therefore, everything is possible,  in which darkness you can open your eyes and other senses and imagine a world and if for three days at least, your eyes remain closed then all your other senses have either stopped or will stop working too, wishing you chose to enter your darkness again which is called Death and wait until you reopen your eyes. This is not punishment exactly. I advise you all to stick together and Dream.

So, the dreamers were sent to a dark space of reality where those that cannot stand light go, or those that find God Evil although they THEMSELVES are good natures, and the wise among them stuck together, …”

KNOCK KNOCK, “damn those crickets again!”

“What the fuck is that Philip?”

“You seem to know”

“No I don’t! “

“But my ideas are born from you!”

“These cannot be my ideas, Philip! Where did you get them from?”

“Then it’s note from Her”

“Okay, I’ve had enough! Cow Bot does she have a Cow Bot too?”

“Yes, I thought you knew?!”

“I will go out of business without checking on you all more often. What the fuck! There’s an intruder that brings her own cow here and you don’t do a bloody thing!???”

“Well Ma’am what do you want me to do now?”

“Tell her Cow Bot I want to meet her sorry ass, but I WILL NOT go to that compartment! Tell her to meet me in any way she wants, and I promise after we meet she can go back to that compartment, I don’t give shit!”

Philip silently leaves the ear canal and vanishes in the dark corridors of the human mind.

“Writing Bots, find me that other note which is probably from Her too, explaining some shit about Sophia, the Gnostic one.”

“Oh that one we all carry a copy, I cannot give you mine sorry maybe Malcolm can?” “No way, is Costas here? Maybe he can give her his copy.” “Costas is in the library doing research, she can have mine. I have memorized it by now.” 

“Let me have a long look at it again. Are you a newly hired writing bot? Thanks, my firm is like a big family, you’ll like it here, now I need a writing bot that knows Aramaic go learn the language or I will fire you and you’ll have to marry Costas or Malcolm to survive in here…”

“”Just say yes she will soon forget all about Aramaic, sometimes she acts like a businesswoman.””

*the Writing bots’ collective sigh sounds like Crickets again*

“Crickets! Well she must be around here, make sure Philip doesn’t hear or watch anything that happens from now on!”




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