The Journey Is long Part IV

There is a style for journal writing that I have not mastered yet. To be explored.

Dear Diary:

   This is as good a way to excavate thoughts as any other. If I am talking to me, mulling over, if you will, then I must be the audience. The only audience. It is hard to do at first or this is hard to do from in here; the point of view is from the inside to deeper inside. Oh, this is going to be hard.

   You are a writer with a wee bit of ability to take the world, condense it down to a few lines, and tossing in a few pre-ordained externally derived devices, then call it spit. Rappers call it spit; probably because it is so fast sputum flies or they are being creative with word denotations and coming at the world from a different dictionary. So, in this context, “She can spit.” is the only conjugation: Neither spat is acceptable nor is spitting. And so I spit my poetry and spin this web to capture the unsuspecting wit or co-existent area of mirth in the reader/listener. And when I am the listener, it requires that I use my secret, never before seen vocabulary. Nuff said. 

   I have not read to an audience in sooooooo long. All the manuscripts (mss.) are dusty or at the bottom of really old boxes. Like riding a bike or measuring how much leavening to put in homemade pancakes, I can never forget how to read it out loud. I should practice like I used to all the time. Now, I write all the time and should mix it up, go find an open mic, go listen to somebody else spit. The joy of going to venues with open mics or as featured reader is no longer attractive as an activity. I’d run into old chums from the post-modernist faction and can play catch-up. Deep down I think, at 68, it is time to sit back and publish and move in another direction. Prose seems to be working out pretty well, so that should be the next thing. Getting volumes of poetry copyrighted and preserved for as long as civilization lasts might be a worthy endeavor (endeavour). 

   A one hundred and ten billions Letter Of Intent, is not the same things as delivering planes or missile systems from nothing more than a wish list from Saudi Arabia, our allies. Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of oil in the world, bye the way, Dear Diary.

   Opting out of nuclear limitation and elimination programs has EU up in arms, pardon the pun, because we deployed missiles in Turkey and the defense shield has a few holes in it. Still, we can’t upset the Turks either. Why am I thinking about Turks and Armenians? Any hoo, China has more long range missiles than we do and the Trumpet wants to catch up so he can have bragging rights. I say the fewer nukes laying about the better. We have enough to blow up the entire earth several times, so it’s like a plate full of spaghetti, more would get sauce on the lace tablecloth. 

   I kept wondering why the military budget was so big (1 trillion more annually) on top of its already allocated trillions. If anyone wanted to find a deep state, seek a pleasant Pentagon; a citadel unto itself. We don’t need more oversight, we have oodles of that. We need downsizing big time before someone’s breeches get too big to contain.

   Could a Coup d’Etat happen in usa? It depends on how much of a trench the ultra-right digs in the silt of usa politics at the local, state, and federal levels. It would be a short civil war with the kinds of weapons we have developed in labs that could be unleashed if any usa citizen protested the Coup and the new order. Marine General Mattis is pissed off, probably has been threatened with losing his cabinet post unless he complies with something slightly off color or way off base and outright illegal. Probably the dispute is over deployment of usa military on the border, a no-no. With that kind of muscle under federal control, aka the oval office, people could die in really large numbers. (Insert: 4 star General Mattis, Secretary of Defense usa, recently resigned.)

   Almost as badly, eleven million Mexicans here without papers could be tossed back into Mexico’s lap. I’m sure the Nicaraguans would be happy to pick grapes and cucumbers, cherries and strawberry crops across the nation. We could all elect Spanish as our language for high school and college. A regime change in Nicaragua is doable, we do it all the time, destabilize governments. Then, under new management, our tax dollars as foreign aid would keep the people at home. (I have a theory: all the claims in rap music about prosperity without education is reaching world wide tired and poor yearning to breath free). That would explain not one but two caravans heading our way. They are coming for the bling! 

   I can not get into the mindset of a green carded Mexican who works here seasonally and goes home post season. It suits the growers, cheap labor. It suits the Mexicans, a gig. I say put a few hundred thousand heads of current usa households, who are on public assistance, to work for those better wages Cesar Chavez got for migrant workers. Kill two birds with one stone, encourage under educated usa citizen moms and dads on the dole to get their General Education Degree and then go on to community college and join the crazy population who think that $60,000.00 annually is a paycheck. And solve the homeless problem by putting them under a medication regime and care to get them back on their feet and able to pick tobacco. How hard is it to pick cherries or apples or peaches? It could be used as therapy for ptsd patients, community service work instead of prison for misdemeanor repeaters. It would be a big job keeping track of those who tend to escape or wander but leg monitors can pin-point their location and put ’em back to work.

   Bamboozling migrant workers and treating them in substandard housing conditions would end with usa citizens working those jobs. Mexico would understand that letting their citizens cross our border without papers means they have to take them back pronto. Do I think that really? These are folks who believe in the american dream more than I do, probably. They make excellent citizens and their american born children will make dedicated future Democrats; the reason they are being shipped out of or stopped from entering the country in the first place. (Update: usa will be giving mexico cash to keep immigrants south of border while asylum applications are processed. Mexico is not paying for the wall, we are paying for Mexico to become a wall. Go figure.)

   As a rule, we do not maximally utilize our human resources or encourage our citizens to excel as far as the system will allow them to rise. The libraries are free, entry into education systems is open for business daily, monday thru friday. Oppressing populations is an olden art form and we do it excellently well. That needs to be revisited as an unaccepted practice, Dear Diary. We could be a nation of artists and experts, competing at every level at a fevered pace as women, brown people, aframs, chinese descended, and first nation native borns are totally and irrevocably included. And treated like humans instead of whatever that is racists do. Most nations are melting pots, enter immigrants, two generations later, melded into a loyal citizens. Controversly, Nationalism has become an anti-immigrant call from nation-states. Protect the national identity – fyi, usa no longer has a national identity – we have been a politically splintered and divided nation since around 1780 or so.

   If a usa citizen realizes that there can be no more leeching off state and federal dollars (social security disabilities and survivor benefits) then they will conform or suicide or find another country – oh that’s what they told us, huh? Go back to Africa. How about a back to Europe movement. A back to Israel or Germany or Italy movement, now that has potential.     For now, for the under utilized populations, a lot of advancement is possible. Learning calculus may not sound like too bad a proposition. Schools would have meaning again because motivation would be back at the student end. Learn or don’t eat in usa. Food availability has a tendency to motivate people. (Okay, so I’m a fascist at my core about individual responsibility). I get tired of people with potential not using it to be solvent. Freedom to not support oneself and contribute to one’s community should be an addendum to the Bill Of Right attached to the U.S. Constitution. You must work here. Period.

   Bad teachers who do not demonstrate that their students learn the material for the quarter could be sent back to college to get what they missed back in the day. No teaching talent, find a new profession. Somebody needs to explain to the American Education Association that their members are not all working for the betterment of the nation or the hood. Lobbying Congress should be prohibited with the threat of jail time for bribing those in charge of writing usa law. I love the term Conflict of Interest. I love the word lobbyist. Citizens should be able to write letters to their representatives and senators and influence policy more easily. Oh, I have a bad case of I wish it would be sunshine every day, huh, Dear Diary?

  But, such all-inclusiveness will not happen in my lifetime. Anyway, we are a creative lot and someone will figure out a way to subvert, bypass, or bilk the system to their financial advantage. Humans are soooo clever. My great great grandchildren (if I ever have any with only one grandson) may see some of that; if that goal ever gains the national WILL behind it. I have to keep reminding myself, we are NOT a Democracy, WE are a Republic who elects spokespersons who are usually millionaires. Ooooooookay.

   Put to work civilized hicks, nine to five newly educated and trained nere-do-wells. No more street people. Do not arrest and relocate elsewhere in the city, arrest and drop off at school to learn how to be a responsible something or other than homeless. It would be one way to put an end to wide-spread disability insurance and living off the tax payer’s dime. You lose a leg, okay so you won’t be a Hockey player, but you have two good hands, a brain, and still possess the ability to learn new things.

  Those left behind would suddenly be the center of attention for getting training and, in some instances, learning how to read. It’s a dream I have. It ain’t exactly Nirvana or Shangri-La, but an end to despair would be nice for a change. The tax revenues would be enormous coming from so many usa citizen paychecks that we could start on rebuilding the infrastructure built in the two thousand twenties and thirties. Hey, that would mean more high paying jobs.

   I will continue to dream of a perfected world, Dear Diary. I’m old. I have nothing better to do.



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