When Meaning Was Lost

in the discourse of words


After ancient philosophers
who knew it well:
it wasn’t the lyricist
transcending the emotional
with inspirational sources
that faded at manifestation
with first soulful sounds
creating different interpretations
in compassionate listeners,
or, the rhyme poet
who reminds us, we came out of Africa, 
guiding by semaphore and beacon,
eagerly marching to chant and drum,
half finger-tapping, half dancing 
with measured steps, moving muscles
without tension and release,
using only the movements
of silent speech;
or the cryptic poet
performing at peripheries,
awakening memories
like lights flashing on pinball machines,
flipping the ball up repeatedly
while mind defences mercifully prevent
false comprehension,
only allowing entry to goal

with the brain on tilt;
or the archaeologists,
anthropologists, ethnologists,
telling us about dead things,
where inspiration was once contained
before it all dissipated in progress
like echoing sighs
in abandoned sea-shells.
So I thought only etymologists
could know:
how we should communicate
our contentment with living,
know just this secret Life kept from us,
But sadly they are victims too,
and they cannot now gestalt
their knowledge of words,
string them together to produce
uncorrupted proof. 
I knew Mankind had gone astray
when belief in Nature was lost.
I realise now
the historical point of Mankind’s failure
was the ignorance of scribes and monks
not trusting to the legacies
of pre-psychic ancient myths, folklore, and fables,
but those passed on by the
delusional mad.
True meaning, for us, has now achieved
incommunicable status
for we,
the unburdened Godless
in a God-fearing world!






© Gothicman 2019
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We are the godless indeed desperately seeking something else to believe in, good work


Hi Trevor, just passing by to see what old friends are up to. Nice to read your excellent work once again.
Best wishes..



the true meaning then even for unburdened Godless people is ineffable, beyond proof, which is the same for God-fearing. right?

why can’t these two become agnostic?


Excellent work indeed. A thousand years from now maybe we will evolve beyond the superstition of religion and seek real truth.



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