The Journey Is Long (Part III)

   I would wish for a light at the end of the tunnel but I can not find the tunnel. How will all of this turn out? So much evil and hatred broiling around beyond me; corrupting power clutched like a prize and not one ounce of fairness unfolding for the approaching mid-terms in 22 days. Item: The rule seems to be if you can not win on merit, cheat. We have come to this and this is what was unloosed on usa with the support of David Duke and the like from the Presidential campaign. If unhappy with the way things are unfolding, blame a targeted group, then roll back the clock to when you were secure and happy and in charge as if anyone is ever in control.

   Item: Michael Cohen, long time attorney to the Donald, said he wished he had never worked for him. He wants a deal after campaign fraud descended on his unprotected head. (Note: Mikey got 3 years in prison). Item: Denying people access to the polls is one way to win. Old school racism, poll tax rejuvenated as must have identification with a street address and not just a P.O. Box like these aframs, asians, and native american used in the last election. Item: Law suits are taking care of the fake felony charges, and the long time incarcerated are totally found innocent and released with an apology after losing 20-30 years of freedom. The tactics are blatant and racist because Trump concurs with this kind of treatment for usa citizens of color. The only help can come from Washington, D.C. – good luck with that. Item: North Dakota, Texas, now Florida (of course, Dade County) all are attempting to keep their states all Republican by invalidating voter registrations or arresting those helping Democrats get registered. Arrested and charged and stopped. Anger levels are kept civilized, and action to right the wrongs and the illegal acts are underway. So far the courts have been empathetic. By 2020, advocates for letting usa citizens vote will have the exclusionary practices at the polls stemmed and stopped and eradicated forever. 

   Democrats (helping people register to vote) are being arrested in violation of their civil rights and being charged with felonies (felons are not allowed to vote in usa). It is so blatant and so against the law and still, with the 1% owning 90% of the wealth behind Trump, there will be no help unless the groups organize. I’m still waiting for the call to boycott. Marching is demonstration of intent, the next step is action. Massive arrests at the polls of angry voters not being allowed to vote – in the land of democracy, oh my. This is what happens when usa’s leader (edit in idiot leader) worships dictators and wants to be one. He keeps a copy of Mein Kampf at his bedside. It is very difficult to impeach a usa president and this one won’t resign. Six more years of this – think about that.

   Active military are never supposed to be deployed ever on usa soil and inside two years they have been twice (at the Mexican border as “advisers”) and again, during the last hurricane, active Navy personnel were used to rescue people (nice cover for get in the habit of covering with guns civilians in a Trump op). Sec of Defense Mattis is pissed off, displeased, not liking the orders he is receiving regarding overseas and domestic ops. We will be monitoring to see what happens during the next wave of unrest by usa citizens; if local militarized police are unable to handle the cold war like revolt, or if national guard financed by the state or the Federal Government, will military be deployed? Of course, in the name of national security. It is getting really bad here. Trump is boasting on tv about how he will deploy the military to keep out the “caravan” of unarmed Nicaraguans and their children. What has he got in mind? (Note: He had shooting those immigrants who throw rocks at his military in mind. Never would have guessed that).

   Item: National guard are supposed to be federalized and placed under the command of state governors. With the huge chunk of change from usa tax payers going to the Pentagon, will they comply with deployment of military personnel on civilian soil with promises of keeping the cash flow flowing? Item: usa debt is at 779 billion. While the federal government technically can not go broke, the money is getting tight and eventually somebody is going to have to start paying off the bills. (Note: usa Stock Market – Wall Street, lost 7% of its value this year and trend downward continues). 

   We shall see. Trump is not very good at keeping secrets; narcissists brag, boast of their feats, and can’t wait to tell what they have done or agreed to do. Enter ROGUE killers. It sounds like a great name for a spy novel. He has not yet figured out how to blame Hillary or the Democrats for the reporter’s death and dismemberment by bone saw inside the Turkish Saudi Arabia embassy. Where is that village when you need it?

   Just thinking out loud. Beware. It is volcanic in here.



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