The Journey Is Long (Part I)

Instead of poetry, some prose

Daily bread. A simple concept, but not a reality for far too many humans on the planet. Clean water; another item taken as a given when daily thousands wake up faced with walking miles to get as much as can be carried. I just read that the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics goes to two scientist who posit that the price should be raised on high carbon items. It is not a popular idea, after taxes, shipping and handling, human resource costs, plant, and payment for acquisition or cost of producing the item for sale, that another value added cost be annexed to goods and services exchanged for cash or credit, For many businesses, that tips an already over-burdened scale.

Not popular because heavy carbon emitters will take a blow, a sudden illness, and likely demise under the non-profitability model proposed. Yet, it makes sense. How else do you get polluters of air, earth, water, and humans to stop or retreat. This is the last warning humanity is going to get. Past the point of no return? Approaching it fast? Scare tactics applied to far too many mandates diminishes the shock value.

Such a surcharge may do little to ease the absence of breakfast or fresh water from a nearby sink or well, but it’s a hard choice aimed in the best possible direction. If a product is not affordable to make or buy, it will be replaced with something with a low to no carbon signature. Again, no help for food and water, but the air will be good for going out to forage. After bombs perpetually falling, here are the wellsprings that start immigration. Somebody told Trump that immigration was a world problem and he thought it meant brown people from Mexico. So, he wants a wall to keep them out and right wing conservatives world-wide are considering and enacting ways (Italy for one) to keep immigrants and migrants and political and war refugees out of their countries. Trump had no idea they were talking about immigrants fleeing because of the absence of essential elements to live like water, or due to a variety of factors, one being global warming. But, since he considers that a hoax and a conspiracy theory, he had to go with Mexicans. 

Just a few thoughts on what’s in the news today. Brett Kavanaugh got sworn in as the classmates of his two kids watched on television their dad’s exoneration. Charges of sexual abuse will fade behind the boast that Kavanaugh’s kid’s dad is a Supreme Court Jurist, I suppose. Another woman takes the fall for reporting a sex crime. Wonder of wonders. Two people, one male gynecologist doctor working in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one an Iraqi woman abducted and raped during war, Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad, won the Nobel for Peace for their work against victims of sex crimes during war. How topical and how meaningful for women of the world, especially in usa where sex criminals are allowed to sit on the highest Court of the land and interpret laws for, among many other things, usa women. 

Odd that so many are celebrating this week the turning away from justice to elect a political operative to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Women will not forget. All of us must not forget.


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